Manectric, The Discharge Pokémon. It is constantly discharging electricity from its mane. The sparks sometimes ignite forest fires. When it enters a battle, it creates thunderclouds. The mane is used for collecting electricity in the atmosphere. Because lightning falls in their vicinities, they were thought to have been born from lightning. It rarely appears before people. It is said to nest where lightning has fallen.

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Manectric would have to be this:


Crunch / Thunder Wave
Hidden Power [Ice / Grass]

Items Attached:

Leftovers OR
Petaya Berry

Preferred Nature:

Timid or Modest

Strategy Using Manectric

UU's answer to Jolteon. With it's high special attack and STAB TBolt tears a lot of things to pieces and Manectric's has one of the strongest special attacks in UU. HP Ice or Grass depends on what you want to KO and not KO. Ice hits Grasses, fliers, OHKOs Gligar and hits Altaria among other things. Grass hits Lanturn and Quagsire (who would wall it otherwise) and OHKOs Golem, both obviously hit pure Ground types for super effective. Crunch can do plenty of damage to Pokémon such as Hypno and Grmpig who'll attempt wall you, especially with some Calm Mind boosts while TWave can cripple sweepers and Para-Hax can help get up a free Sub.

In 1v1 ALWAYS use static, a small chance of Para when hit beats out something that's use is entirely restricted to 2v2. In 2v2 it depends on your team set up.

EV Corner:

EVs: 216 Spd / 252 SAtk / 40 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

Pro-Special Attack. 300 Speed is enough to outrun much of what's important.

EVs: 216 Spd / 252 SAtk / 40 SDef
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)

Pro-Speed nature. 330 Speed allows you to outrun +Speed base 100 Pokémon such as Jolly Fearow, it also allows you outrun other common sweepers such as Timid Jynx.

Other Optional Moves

Toxic, Curse, Howl, Thunder, Roar. While it has no real set except for the special sweeper these are it's "options". Toxic is the best of the bunch here and will work perfectly for handling Lanturn, Hypno and Grumpig as well as many other things likely to try and wall it. Thunder would work in a team that has a handful of Rain Dancers, although teams like that are few and far between and using Manectric in an environment that allows Kyogre is pointless when Jolteon, Raikou and Zapdos outclass it at everything. Curse and Howl could go on a novelty physical set but that's nothing but novelty. Roar is a PHaze moe but there's little Manectric can PHaze, although it would be an effective way to handle a Hypno or Grumpig trying to set up Calm Minds against it.

Strategy Against Manectric

Depending on the Hidden Power certain Pokémon wall it. With an albescence of HP Ice almost all Grass types wall it effectively as well as Gligar and even with HP Ice some Grass types make effective walls against it (Cradily, Meganium and Vileplume for example), although they'll have to take chances with crits. Without HP Grass it's walled by Quagsire and Lanturn. Without Crunch Hypno, Grumpig and Mr. Mime can do an effective job of walling it, specially with Calm Mind support. Provided they get some Calm Minds off Girafarig and Jynx will wall it but without Crunch it's likely to have Thunder Wave, something both of those will hate.

It's a UU Pokémon but in OU: (without HP Grass) Swampert, Blissey, Snorlax, Regice, Jolteon, Raikou, the majority of Calm Minders, Dugtrio to an extent, Magneton, Steelix and several others. If it has good special defence and isn't weak to Thunderbolt it'll probably counter it.

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Manectric would have to be this for the Cool Contest best with Lonely, Adament, Naughty or Brave Nature:


Rain dance
Hyper beam

Items Attached:

Red Scarf

Strategy Using Manectric

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Rain dance, 2nd - Thunderbolt/Thunderwave, 3rd - Rain dance, 4th - Thunderbolt/thunderwave, 5th - Hyper beam

Locations in Games


Route 118


Trade from RSEXD (Col.) Snagged from Cipher Admin Eldes in Citadark Isle (XD)

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Trade from RSEXD

Animé Appearences

Manectric has had a single Anime Appearence. In it, Wattson's Electrike evolves into Manectric and Wattson has a battle with Ash's Torkoal with it:

Episode 335: Manectric Charge!

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