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Ash and co have finally returned to Mauville City for a pit stop on the way back to Petalburg City. Before they get ready to make any plans, Max notices a huge sign for an entrance to a carnival! They decide to start their visit in Mauville by hanging out there. It seems to have a soccer target game, a bell game, a snack stand… and everything, yet it appears to be empty! It seems open, though, so they decide to check it out on their own.

To their luck, it is open, so they check out the toy stand first, mainly full of Pokemon plushies, and it's run by two suspicious looking people in a Gengar and Tauros costume. May noticed the Torchic plushie, and gets excited and wants to buy it. Unbeknownst to them, these people are really Team Rocket…

Meanwhile, Ash and co send out all their Pokemon to play, and Ash's new Torkoal Smogs them up as a friendly greeting, but they don't seem too happy. Ash introduces them to it, and explains that it likes to do that a lot in a friendly manner, and not to worry about it. Torkoal does it again, and it reaches Team Rocket this time, which gives them an idea to try and snatch it…

Next, they check out the soccer target game, where Brock scores a 10! The rest of them are about to take their turn, but then Ash notices his Torkoal standing right in front of the ball. It seems like it wants a shot at this! Ash is excited and ready to watch it go, but Max is a little concerned that it might mess up and trip, since its body is wide and its legs are pretty short. They all watch as Torkoal lifts its legs, gets ready to kick… but instead it falls over, landing on its back. Oh well, better luck next time.

Next, Brock has a go at the water targets. He uses the water gun that it supplies, but has Lotad and Mudkip help him with their Water Guns. Max is having a shot at the ring toss game, with the help of Pikachu and Skitty (it's a bit hard for Skitty to let go of twirling the ring on its tail, it just loves it too much). Treecko and Corphish are working on the ring-the-bell game, using Treecko's tail and Corphish's claw to hit the pad. They keep getting really close, but not quite. Ash then wants to show them something else, and Torkoal Smogs them both again. May is playing a DDR-style game, with the help of Torchic, Foretress, Beautifly, and Taillow. A silhouette of a Meowth appears on the screen and shows them the moves (but it's really TR's Meowth behind there in a big light).

Suddenly, Meowth presses a red button on the remote he's holding, which suddenly makes the targets in the target game disappear to reveal holes, which a stream of water comes pouring out, and when it clears, Lotad and Mudkip end up in a cage! Ash then gets startled at this chaos, trips, lands hard on the bell pad, and manages to ring the bell. However, the bell then drops a trap net on Treecko, Corphish, and Torkoal! Also, the rings in the ring toss game start to glow, and soon enough they hold Pikachu and Skitty in tight grips! Then, Meowth pops through the screen with a net, and catches Torchic, Beautifly, Taillow, and Forretress! Then, they round them up in the traps, grab the Meowth balloon, and reveal themselves as they set off with everyone! Then, Jessie tosses the soccer ball at the number targets, and they change to a screen with a huge R. Ash then tries having Pikachu break it with a Thunderbolt, but to no avail. Brock has Forretress try a Rapid Spin, but even that doesn't cut it, and it just gets caught! May then tries Torchic's Ember, but of course it doesn't affect this rope either. Then, Ash tries a combination of Corphish's Crabhammer, Treecko's Bullet Seed, Taillow's Peck, and Torkoal's Flamethrower, which Brock uses Mudkip and Lotad's Water Gun, while May has Beautifly and Skitty Tackle it. No luck whatsoever, the net is still good as new.

While Ash and co panic and try to think of a plan, suddenly they're surprised to see Wattson and his assistant Watto running to their rescue! Wattson has his Electrike use Thunder Wave at the balloon, but no luck. This rubber is way too thick. Then, Watto sends out an Ampharos, has it use Iron Tail on the rope holding the net, and manages to knock it down, and free everyone! Then, with a combination of Electrike's Thunder Wave, Pikachu's Thunder, and Ampharos's Thundershock, the balloon explodes and TR blast off.

Ash and co thanks Wattson and Watto for their help, and May, who isn't familiar with Ampharos, checks it out in the Pokedex. Suddenly, Electrike seems like it's concentrating on something, and before they know it, it starts to glow, and evolves into Manectric! Wattson hugs his new Manectric, and Ash checks the 'dex in interest, and learns that Manectric's electricity is way stronger. Torkoal then cries in thanks, and congratulates tham with a Smog. Ash apologizes and explains that his Torkoal is a bit new, and it's Smog is usually an expression of gratitude. Wattson then congratulates Ash on his latest capture, and Ash then gets a great idea. Since he hasn't had a chance to battle, he decides to challenge Wattson to just a training battle, against his Manectric, so they could both test out their new Pokemon. Wattson happily accepts. Then, Watto notices May's new Skitty, and how cute it is. May then explains to him that it's a bit new, but while it looks cute, it's actually pretty strong and has won several battles already. Watto offers a battle against his Ampharos, to which May gladly accepts. They all then head to the Gym, ready for their matches.

When they reach the Gym, Ash is about to open the door, but Watto stops him and says he they must enter through the front door and take the challenges, since this one is guarded by high voltage. Then they remember the troubles they had to face last time, sliding down the water chute on a loose board… facing huge mecha-Raikous… they're not up for all that again. Wattson decides to let them off this time, since they already went through it, and there's no need again, after all this is just a training match.

First match is May VS Watto, Skitty VS Ampharos, Wattson reffing. As he signals the match to start, May has Skitty start with a Doubleslap, followed by a Tackle, throwing Ampharos off-guard already. Ampharos then tries a Thundershock, but Skitty easily dodges that one. However, Ampharos manages to turn it a little, and hit Skitty right on, knocking it out! However, as May urges Skitty to get up, it does that, and realizes it's not quite fainted yet. Ampharos tries one last Thundershock, but May tries an Assist before it hits, so Skitty gets its paw ready… and uses Torchic's Quick Attack, dodging the Thundershock AND hitting Ampharos. A final Doubleslap from Skitty knocks Ampharos down, truly fainting it this time! Wattson declares May the winner, and congratulates her on her smart ideas for combinations, and having such a strong Skitty. May thanks them, and then explains that she's planning to become a coordinator, and maybe use Skitty in a Contest Battle in the future. They wish her luck, and Ash prepares for his match with Wattson.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are planning to steal those Pokemon as usual, since they're Electric and more powerful than Pikachu, as seen before. They get ready, open the door—and it falls, turns into a board, revealing a long chute ahead of them. Then, the door slowly rises above the ground by magnetic force, and starts sliding down with them!

Ash VS Wattson. Torkoal VS Manectric. Watto reffing. Ash starts by commanding a Flamethrower, while Wattson tries a Tackle. Torkoal lets out the fire, but while Manectric is running towards it, it just jumps over the line of fire, and easily Tackles Torkoal! However, Torkoal manages to keep itself together by using its thick legs to withstand the friction on the field, and stop.

Team Rocket's ride has slowed down a bit, and now they're headed slowly on a steep uphill ramp. Higher and higher… but suddenly, they reach the top, and notice it's about to curve back down! They get ready for the big slide, but instead, a trapdoor opens under them, as they fall and plunge into darkness!

Manectric tries a Bite, but Ash has Torkoal use Iron Defense by hiding in its shell. Torkoal survives this, and takes a deep smoky breath. Next, Manectric tries his old technique of Thunder Wave, but Torkoal counters that with a beam of Overheat. The heat easily stops the wave, and hits Manectric head-on. Manectric hasn't fainted yet, so Torkoal catches its breath again and they both get ready for their next moves. Meanwhile, Team Rocket have fallen into a huge whirlpool, and are being washed away…

Ash has Torkoal use a super-strong Overheat, but before it hits, Wattson has Manectric use Charge, and as it powers up its electricity, Manectric just absorbs the beam. While it's still Charging, Ash tries roasting Manectric with a Flamethrower, but it doesn't do much damage. May is then confused at why this doesn't work, but Brock explains that while Manectric is charging, it's building up its electricity and absorbing what it can with all it's might. After the fire washes away, Manectric looks stronger than ever. Wattson has use Shock Wave, as a bunch of yellow sparks fly up and form a blue ball of electricity… and while this happens, Torkoal uses another Overheat, but then the wave explodes, and hits Torkoal, stopping the Overheat, and fainting it! Watto declares Wattson the winner of this match. Ash returns his Torkoal, and wishes it better luck in the future.

Team Rocket are still on a board, but in a daze. Suddenly, they wake up, and find themselves sliding down the track again, about to hit a wall! However, the wall opens when they arrive, and the platform stops. But their troubles aren't over yet, as they find themselves facing three Raikou! Meowth then wonders how the Gym leader would manage to have legendary Raikous, while Team Rocket think fast. They send out Cacnea and Seviper, as they prepare to battle…

Ash and Wattson shake hands, and Ash thanks Wattson for letting him battle him again. They're about to leave, but Watto seems to have some final words, as he tells May that if she's looking for another Contest, the closest one would be in Verdanturf Town. Max then checks the PokeNav, and realizes Verdanturf Town is directly West of here, and right on the way to Petalburg City. So, they all agree on their next destination to be Verdanturf Town, as they say their goodbyes to Wattson and Watto, and set off!

Meanwhile, Jessie has Seviper use Poison Tail, James has Cacnea use Needle Arm, while Meowth uses the Fury Swipes on each of the Raikous. They all manage to knock off their heads, revealing them to be only mechanical. They all breathe sighs of relief, thinking their troubles are over… but the mechanisms look sick, and as they start to short, they explode, sending TR blasting off…

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us

335: Manetric Charge

335: Return To Mauville Gym! VS. Manectric!

Mauville City



Pikachu Treecko Taillow Torkoal Corphish
Forretress Mudkip Lotad
Torchic Beautifly Skitty
Wobbuffet Seviper
Electrike Manectric

Ash has a re-match with Wattson and loses
May trains her Skitty
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