#265 Wurmple
General Location Attacks TMs

Pokémon Game Picture National No. Browser No. English name Japanese Name
#265 R-154 Wurmple ケムッソ
Ability: Shield Dust
Prevents Wurmple from being hit by additional effects of moves.
Classification Type 1 Type 2 Height Weight
Worm Pokémon
1'00" 7.9 lbs
Evolution Chain
--Lv. 7 -->--Lv. 10-->
--Lv. 7 -->--Lv. 10-->

Mystery Dungeon 1 Info
Body Size Friend Area
Mist-Rise Forest

Ranger Info
Type Group Field Ability Pkmn Assist
Bug None Bug

Game Get Rate Obtainable Location
Trozei Normal Secret Storage 7
Secret Storage 16
Endless Level 12
Mr. Who's Den
Dungeon 7.4 % Joyous Tower 1F,2F
Ranger - Olive Jungle

Dungeon Level Up
LevelAttack NameTypeDescription
Charges the foe with a full- body tackle.
String Shot
Binds the foe with string to reduce its SPEED.
5Poison Sting
A toxic attack with barbs, etc., that may poison.

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