Cilan Takes Flight!!


As Ash and his friends are headed towards Mistralton City, they see and airplane flying and circling over their heads as they are very excited about it. They follow the airplane, as they come to a city that has an airport. Cilan confirms that it is indeed Mistralton city, as Ash says that he will get his sixth badge. As they arrive at the Mistralton Gym, they notice that it says that it is a Cargo Service. Ash says that the Gym battle is more important, as he runs up to the entrance. A young trainer shows Ash the line to sign up for Gym matches, as he explains that Ash missed the deadline for the morning session registration but can sign up for the afternoon session. Ash doesn't understand what he means by morning session. Cilan says that they should find out. Ash walks up to the guy in charge of registration, as the man explains that they must register in order to have a Gym match. He asks Ash if he wants to join the afternoon batch, and Ash says yes, as he hands him his Pokédex. The man scans the Pokédex to register Ash, and hands him a registration card to bring back later.

The airplane from before lands on the runway, and Skyla jumps out of the airplane onto the ground. Skyla takes off her helmet, as her hair sparkles and shines while Ash and Iris are surprised that she is a girl. Skyla introduces herself as the high-flying Gym Leader. She explains that each batch has a fixed number of fifteen people in it. Ash wonders if she can handle battling fifteen people. First she brings out Swoobat and calls it the black-courting heart. Ash scans Swoobat with his Pokédex. Next she brings out her male Unfezant and calls it the heaven-racing meteor. Ash scans Unfezant with his Pokédex. Iris explains to Ash that the red head-crest on the male is its trademark. Skyla brings out her last Pokémon Swanna, and calls it the pure white wings of elegance. Ash scans Swanna with his Pokédex. Cilan points out that in the Mistralton Gym, they show what Pokémon they have on hand first. The young trainer who spoke with Ash earlier is the first one to challenge Skyla.

The young trainer brings out Zebstrika, Boldore, and Emolga, as Ash notices that the challenger shows his Pokémon as well. Skyla says for the air battles to begin now. Ash wonders what air battles are, as Cilan says that he has never heard of them. Skyla imagines how the battle between her and the challenger would turn out, as the thought bubble displays what she is thinking. The first battle she imagines is Swoobat vs Emolga, and that Emolga would win by using an Electric attack. The second battle she imagines is Unfezant vs Boldore, and that Boldore would win by using Stone Edge. The last battle she imagines is Swanna vs Zebstrika, and that Zebstrika would win with an Electric attack. She predicts that the challenger would win the battle. Ash, Iris, and Cilan are confused about what just happened. Skyla hands the challenger the Jet Badge without even having an actual Gym battle. The young boy leaves, and a female trainer approaches to have her battle next. Ash asks the trainer who just won the badge if that was a Gym battle.

The female trainer brings out Leavanny, Sewaddle, and Pansear for the next air battle. Skyla tells her that she will win the battle, and that she wouldn't have a chance if she brings Bug or Fire types to the Mistralton Gym. Skyla tells her that she doesn't receive a badge. Ash is mad that they didn't even battle. The young boy explains that they did battle, inside Skyla's head. Three more trainers bring out their Pokémon to challenge, a Blitzle, Watchog, Woobat, Gothitelle, and Sandile. She tells them that she wins the battles. She tells the next trainer that they win. She tells a female trainer with a Minccino, Herdier, and Watchog that she would win and to come back next time. The young boy explains that if you are as strong as Skyla, then you can do a simulation of what the battle will be like by seeing the Pokémon. Iris thinks that it is true that fifteen people can be judged by air battles, as Cilan has an angry look on his face. Ash is at a loss as to how they can be considered Gym matches.

The final trainer of the morning batch is shown, with a Munna, Foongus, and Cottonee. Skyla says that she wins the battle, and that no matter how she thinks about it, that she is stronger. Cilan says that he won't accept it, and storms towards Skyla, while Ash agrees and does the same thing. Skyla asks her assistants whether the rest of the trainers are in the afternoon, as he says yes and that the airplane is refueled and the airframe has been adjusted. Skyla decides that she will take another flight in her airplane. Ash and Cilan storm angrily up to Skyla and ask her if those were really Gym matches. Cilan demands to know why they are like that, in detail. Skyla asks if they are in the afternoon batch, and says that she is really busy. Skyla gets inside of her airplane and takes off. Ash says that he doesn't want a Gym match to be like that. Cilan exclaims that he won't accept that way of doing Gym matches no matter what, as an erupting volcano is shown behind him. Mile walks up behind them, and introduces himself as Skyla's grandfather.

Mile explains that he used to be the Mistralton Gym Leader before he retired and started the cargo service that he always dreamed of. Ash asks him if he approves of Skyla's way of battling, Mile explains that she used to battle properly before, that she used to be a great battler as well, and because of that trainers from all over Unova came to challenge her. As he was explaining it, a flashback of a battle between Skyla's Unfezant, and the challenger's Darumaka was being shown. Mile explains that she became so busy that she couldn't fly her beloved airplanes anymore, and because of that she came up with the air battles. She saves time for herself by efficiently judging the challengers but they also understand. Cilan angrily says that he doesn't understand it. Skyla is shown in a flashback that since everyone is happy with it, if she keeps predicting correctly that she doesn't have to work hard. Skyla says that great battles are of the past. Mile says that they are better off going to a different Gym, while Ash says he wants to battle Skyla, especially since he hears that she is a good battler. As fire is pictured to be surrounding Cilan and fire is shown in his eyes, he exclaims that he cannot accept that way of battling either.

In the afternoon, Skyla lands on the runway and jumps out of her airplane. Cilan walks up to Skyla and introduces himself as one of the Striaton Gym Leaders. Skyla tells him that she has never met another Gym Leader before, as they shake hands and Cilan asks her to battle him. Skyla accepts the Gym battle after saying that he has come all of this way. Skyla informs the other challengers that they will have to wait, as the challengers are excited about the battle between the two Gym Leaders. Cilan brings out his three Pokémon Pansage, Stunfisk, and Crustle. Skyla imagines how the battle will turn out, as a thought bubble shows what she is imagining. The first battle she imagines is between Pansage and Unfezant, and that Unfezant's Peck attack would be too much for it. The second battle she imagines is between Swanna and Crustle, and that Swanna's Bubblebeam would be too much for it. The final battle she imagines is between Swoobat and Stunfisk, and that Swoobat's attacks would be too much for it. Skyla says that she would win the battle. Cilan tells her that she doesn't know anything about a battle until they do it. Skyla tells Cilan that she is strong, and that the outcome is clear to her without wasting time battling him. Cilan asks her that since he agreed to let her do the air battle, if she would battle his way next. Skyla says that she has to prove to him that her predictions were right, while Cilan says that a battle must be done before they know anything.

Mile announces that it will be a 3-on-3 battle. Cilan brings out Pansage, while Skyla brings out Swoobat. Pansage uses Bullet Seed, while Swoobat dodges and hits Pansage with Air Cutter. Pansage uses Bite, while Swoobat dodges and laughs at Pansage while it hits the ground. Skyla comments that if a move doesn't hit, that it is pointless. Swoobat uses Gust to knock out Pansage. Iris comments that Skyla was correct, while Ash looks mad. Cilan tells Skyla that she is good at battles. Cilan brings out his Crustle, while Skyla comments that since it is part Bug-Type, it is weak against Flying Types, but is protected from Super Effective attacks with its Rock Typing. Crustle uses Rock Wrecker, which knocks Swoobat out with one hit. Skyla says that since it was a Rock-Type move, that the knock out was a given. Cilan asks her if her predictions had changed, while she says that they are going as expected.

Skyla brings out Unfezant to battle next. Crustle uses Rock Wrecker which lands a hit, while Unfezant uses Air Slash. Crustle guards itself against the Air Slash. Cilan begins to do his tasting time ritual, which makes Iris very annoyed. Cilan comments that as a Gym Leader, Skyla hasn't brought out the good side of her Flying-types. Skyla is confused about why he is looking down on her. Cilan explains that the gaze that Swoobat and Unfezant give, shows the strong bond between Skyla and her Pokémon, and that strong Pokémon can only do so much. He explains that Gym battles are not only about moves against each other, but about the Gym Leader testing the challenger's strength and the bond with their Pokémon. He says that Skyla and her Pokémon are not showing that to him. Skyla asks him if he gets tired of those types of battles, while he says no and that the feeling when the battle is over and the badge is given, that it should fill the challenger with pride for receiving it. Skyla says that a badge is a badge, while Cilan says that it would make the badges upset to say that.

Crustle uses Shell Smash and then X-Scissor to knock out Unfezant. Cilan says to Skyla that by using Shell Smash to raise the Attack and Speed, the power of the disadvantageous X-Scissor has been increased. Skyla says that it was a nice combo done by a Gym Leader. Cilan says that a defeat is regrettable, but the joy of high-leveled battles is what makes being a Gym Leader a lot of fun. Cilan adds that battles with trainers who come up with unexpected twists are even more enjoyable. Skyla brings out Swanna to battle next. Crustle uses Rock Wrecker, while Swanna dodges it. Swanna uses Bubblebeam, while Crustle tries to guard itself against the attack. Swanna uses Brave Bird, while Crustle dodges by coming out of its home and using Shell Smash. Crustle uses X-Scissor, while Swanna uses Brave Bird as both attacks collide. Swanna flies away, as Crustle is shown to be knocked out. Crustle looks sad, as Cilan returns it to its Poké ball. Skyla says that Crustle isn't bad, but a loss is a loss. She says that he thinks that you can't know things before doing them, but there are things you do know before doing them which is why she thinks air battles are possible. While being very angry, Cilan says that what she said should never be said by a Gym Leader, and that he will win in the end.

Cilan brings out his third Pokémon Stunfisk to battle next. Stunfisk uses Thundershock, which lands a hit on Swanna. Iris comments that an Electric-type move like Thundershock should deal a lot of damage to Swanna who is a Water/Flying type. Swanna shakes it off, as Ash notices that it endured the attack. Skyla tells Cilan that if he wants to defeat her Flying types, then his Pokémon must at least know Thunderbolt. Cilan comments that Skyla is strong. Swanna uses Hurricane, which hits Stunfisk as Skyla asks if his Pokémon can move while being in that state. Cilan says that she shouldn't underestimate his Stunfisk. Stunfisk spins around and uses Scald, which hits Swanna and burns it very badly. Swanna is bright red, as Cilan explains that it is the secondary effect of Scald. Skyla is worried since it will drain Swanna's energy. Swanna looks back at Skyla and smiles. Ash and Cilan are surprised about that. Swanna uses Aqua Ring to recover its strength, and to heal its burn, as Ash and Iris realize that. Skyla says that everything is going as expected. Stunfisk uses Mud Bomb, while Swanna dodges and Skyla says that she won't let them make Swanna's wings dirty. Swanna uses Brave Bird and then flies away, as Stunfisk is shown to be knocked out. Cilan loses the battle to Skyla. Mile is very upset to be saying that Skyla won.

Skyla brags that she knew all along that she would be right about winning. With a completely shocked and cold look on his face, Cilan drops to the ground and says that he tried what he could to show what it means to be a Gym Leader. Skyla says that she is bored, as she tells the other challengers that the remaining afternoon battles are cancelled, as she walks away. Ash walks up to Skyla to say that he finds air battles boring, and asks her to battle him this time. Mile backs up Ash's statement, but Skyla says that the air battles have been proven accurate, so the outcome will be the same no matter how much they try. Ash says that there are as many Trainers and Pokémon as there are battles, and that deciding battles with air battles will always be most certainly be boring. Mile asks her about what she said earlier about making Swanna's wings dirty, and says that he thinks they are already dirty. Skyla says that the outcomes are obvious, and because she is strong that it will be a waste of her time.

Ash tells her that he believes that they have to battle to know for sure. He brings out his three Pokémon that he will use in the battle, as the Pokémon are not shown on-screen. Skyla comments that the team is well-balanced, but she still thinks that she will win the battle. Ash tells her that he will be the one to win.

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Iris's Axew

Cilan's Pansage Cilan's Crustle Cilan's Stunfisk

Skyla's Unfezant Skyla's Swoobat Skyla's Swanna

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