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Ash and co are now very close to Rustboro City, but they must first get through a wooded area. Ash is excited for his first Gym match, and he and Pikachu get pumped. May is suddenly stopped in her tracks when a Wurmple hangs down in front of her. She freaks out and screams, causing Ash and co to turn and look. Wurmple slides down to the ground as Max asks May what is wrong. She informs them that a creepy Pokemon just frightened her and she points down at the Wurmple. It slowly wiggles away as Ash scans it with the Pokedex. Max exclaims that Wurmples can evolve into Beautifly, which entices May. She says she has to catch it and runs off into the forest after it. Ash and co call to her, and then chase after.

May rushes up to some bushes and calls for Wurmple. Ash and co finally catch up and Brock asks if she has had any luck. May says she can't find it and begins to get disappointed. Brock says this forest is probably full of them, and then asks why she is so set on getting one. May explains that she loved being in that Pokemon Contest and she would like to compete in more. She then adds in that with a Beautifly, she would win loads of contests. At this, she again rushes off to find a Wurmple. Ash and Brock are stunned at how determined she is, and Max says he's never seen her like this.

Team Rocket watches from the bushes like always. James explains that the twerps are discussing Wurmple, and Jessie gets excited. She exclaims that Beautifly was just perfect in the contest and she would love to have one. Meowth adds in that with a Beautifly, she could win a lot of contests and get ribbons. Jessie now wants a Beautifly badly, and they all decide to get a Wurmple.

May continues on through the forest and comes to a clearing. She spies some Bellossom dancing and falls in love. Team Rocket also searches the forest. Jessie desperately calls for a Wurmple while James heads towards a tree. He begins to examine it and Meowth asks what he is doing. James explains that bug Pokemon like to climb trees and one may be hiding there. At this, Jessie rushes up and kicks the tree as hard as she can. A dazed Weedle falls to the ground.

James comments that if she wants a Beedrill she can catch it, but Jessie pays no attention to it. She realizes bug Pokemon really do hide in trees and she kicks it again. This time a Kakuna falls down. She begins to kick the tree over and over again. James and Meowth sigh. Suddenly, a horde of Beedrill flies down, frightening the rockets. They run off as fast as they can as the horde gives chase.

May continues to admire the Bellossom until Team Rocket comes up the road screaming bloody murder. May wonders what is wrong when the whole horde of Beedrill flies up. She freaks out and follows the rockets down the path. The Beedrills close in, but Team Rocket and May accidentally rush off a small hill and fall down. The Beedrill swarm goes by.

Team Rocket comes to and begins to say their motto to May. However, it soon becomes apparent that she has spotted Wurmple. Team Rocket gets annoyed as she rushes off after it. Meowth says they want it too so they follow.

May releases her Torchic, but Jessie catches up and releases Seviper. Torchic sees it and freaks out. May yells at Jessie, exclaiming that she saw Wurmple first so it's hers, but Jessie says a cute Pokemon like Wurmple belongs to a cute woman like herself. May then orders Torchic to use mean look on Seviper, but Seviper just stares awkwardly as Torchic runs around it giving it pathetic looks. James then releases Cacnea and both Pokemon lunge at Torchic, who looks frightened.

Suddenly, a Heracross appears and tackles the two Pokemon away. Torchic hides behind the Heracross as a boy steps up. He tells Team Rocket to pick on someone their own size, and Team Rocket tells Cacnea and Seviper to attack. The boy tells Heracross to use fury attack, and it sends the two Pokemon flying into the rockets, and sending them all blasting off.

May thanks the boy for his help and he says it was no problem. She then notices Wurmple is gone and begins to look for it. The boy laughs and explains that there are Wurmple all over the forest and he could help her find one. She thanks him and introduces herself. He then introduces himself as Forrest and they shake hands.

Meanwhile, Ash and the others have made camp in a small part of the forest. Brock begins his stew as Ash and Pikachu practice iron tail. Ash tells Pikachu to use it on a nearby tree and it goes for it. Ash is confident Pikachu will get the attack off, but its tail stops glowing and it smacks into the tree, hurting itself. Ash tells it to try again, but the same thing happens. Ash is confused when a boy that looks exactly like Forrest approaches. He tells Ash that iron tail is a pretty hard attack to master, but he could help him learn it. Ash says that would be great and he introduces himself. The boy steps up and introduces himself as Forrester.

Forrest and May are now climbing up a ledge. May asks Forrest about himself, when she suddenly slips. Forrest grabs her and tells her to be careful. She thanks him and begins to climb again. As she does, Forrest flatters her by saying how pretty she is, making her blush.

Back at Ash and co, Forrester explains that he and Ash will have a double battle. Ash doesn't know what that is and Brock explains that he has heard of this before. He and Forrester both explain that each trainer picks two Pokemon to battle with at one time. Brock warns Ash that double battles are a lot harder then normal ones as he has to communicate with two Pokemon at a time. Max is excited and tells Ash he can't wait to see how he does, and Ash gets prepped.

Forrester starts out by releasing Ariados and Yanma. Ash releases Pikachu and calls out Treecko, who puts a twig in its mouth and prepares for battle. The match begins and Ariados starts it off with spider web. Pikachu and Treecko dodge, but Yanma uses sonic boom. Pikachu tries to dodge but Ariados hooks it with its string shot. The sonic boom heads towards Pikachu, but Ash orders Treecko to help it. Treecko rushes to Pikachu and snatches it from the string shot just as the sonic boom hits.

Ash and co begin to realize how hard a double battle is. Forrester orders Yanma to use swift and he then orders Ariados to attack as well. Pikachu and Treecko dodge and Pikachu thunderbolts Yanma, but is then struck by Ariados. Treecko knocks Pikachu away from the attack just before it does major damage. Yanma and Ariados continue their attacks, and Ash orders Treecko to rush them head on. It does so and dodges a string shot and sonic boom. The attacks collide and cause an explosion.

Ash then orders Pikachu to use iron tail. Max says that Pikachu hasn't mastered the attack yet, but miraculously it emerges from the smoke and gives Yanma a very powerful iron tail sending it sprawling to the ground. It then goes to iron tail Ariados, but it tail stops glowing ending the attack. Pikachu and Ash are confused and Forrester uses this time to have Ariados strike Pikachu hard with a string shot. Ash then orders Treecko to use slam and it smashes into Ariados sending it flying onto Yanma and ending the match. Brock declares Ash the winner and Forrester congratulates his Pokemon. Ash makes sure Pikachu is ok and Forrester tells Ash is Pokemon are really strong. Ash does the same for his and Brock and Max say he put up a great match.

Meanwhile, Forrest and May have made it to a clearing. Forrest is confused at where the Wurmple is when May brings him a berry. He thanks her and they sit down to eat. They begin to talk about Pokemon and how Forrest hopes to be a great trainer. May explains about her love for traveling and they seem to have a lot in common.

Forrest suddenly notices Wurmple going by and points it out to May. She gets excited as it munches on a nearby bush. May releases Torchic who tackles Wurmple. She then throws a Pokeball, but after some heavy shaking, it pops back out. May is confused and Forrest says she has to attack it more, and Wurmple tackles Torchic. Forrest tells her to wear it out some more and to use fire attacks as Wurmple is weak against them, and May tells Torchic to use ember. The attack strikes Wurmple and knocks it down hard. May throws the Pokeball again, and this time she makes her very first capture!

May picks up the ball and shakes it. She asks Forrest if this means she captured it and he says she did. May gets excited and holds the ball up as Torchic dances around her. Suddenly, a giant hand snatches the ball from her. Forrest and May look up to see Team Rocket in their balloon. They say their motto and May demands they return Wurmple, but naturally they don't listen.

Forrest then releases Heracross and has it pop the balloon. The Pokeball falls from Jessie's hands and May catches it. Forrest rushes up and says she made a good catch. Team Rocket's balloon crashes next to them. Jessie and James demand for May to give up Wurmple, but she won't. Jessie then releases Seviper and James releases Cacnea. Jessie orders a poison tail and James orders a spike cannon. May tells Torchic to use ember, but the two Pokemon dodge and Cacnea hits it with spike cannon. Seviper goes in to attack Torchic, but Heracross blocks the attack.

Forrest then suggests that May try out her new Wurmple so she does. She goes to order an attack but remembers she doesn't know any attacks that Wurmple learns. Forrest tells her to have it use string shot and she orders it. Wurmple uses string shot covering Cacnea and Seviper. Torchic follows up with ember and Heracross sends them into the rockets with mega horn, which also sends them blasting off again. May is happy with herself and jumps for joy as Forrest happily watches.

Meanwhile, Ash and co sit down to eat with Forrester. Brock's Forretress and Lotad also prepare to eat. May runs up holding the Pokeball that contains Wurmple. She tells Ash she caught one and they congratulate her. They all then notice that Forrest and Forrester look exactly alike. May is confused and thinks she is seeing double, but Forrest explains that Forrester is his identical twin. He tells Forrester that he was training when he met May, and he had a good workout helping her defeat the rockets. Brock laughs and says they are twins with the same dream- to raise great bug Pokemon. May laughs and releases Torchic and Wurmple to eat.

Wurmple sits there for a second then begins to chow down on all the Pokemon food! The Pokemon look at it strangely as it pigs out. When it finishes the food it heads for the stew and devours that as well. Brock says it has quite an appetite and it squirms up to May's feet and falls asleep. Max comments that it isn't very active, but May says she loves her new Pokemon. She picks it up and cuddles it as everyone laughs.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket hangs from a branch on the edge of a cliff. Jessie blames Meowth and James for their failure and they begin to fight. Meowth then notices a Wurmple eating at the edge of the branch and tells Jessie to throw a Pokeball. She does so and catches it! She hops on the top of the branch and grabs the ball just as Wobbuffet pops out. The branch breaks and they all fall down the cavern; Jessie with a new Pokemon in hand…

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290: All In A Day's Wurmple!

290: Double Battle & Double Wurmple!?!

Between Petalburg and Rustboro


Forrest Franklin
Forrester Franklin

Pikachu Treecko
Forretress Lotad
Torchic Wurmple
Wobbuffet Wurmple Seviper
Forrest Franklin:
Forrester Franklin:
Ariados Yanma
Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Bellossom Wurmple

Captures a Wurmple
Ash has his first Hoenn 2 vs 2 match

Also Captures a Wurmple
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