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Right now, our heroes are heading to participate in each of their grand tournaments. Ash the Hoenn league in Ever Grande City, and May the Grand Festival back in Slateport City. Slateport is their current destination, seeing as the Grand Festival happens first.

Ash and co are currently on an island fully of berry trees galore, and while Pikachu is enjoying the taste of an Oran, Ash is starving and picks the first berry he can find-a Tamato. Of course Brock knows hunger is blinding his sense, but by the time he warns him, it’s too late and Ash’s mouth is on fire.

Ash’s lips have swollen horribly, so they head to the nearest Pokemon center to rest. While they’re at it, they heal their Pokemon as well... but Ash actually decides to do a little more training with Snorunt, so he disappears out the door. Max then wonders if Snorunt’s Ice Beam might help Ash’s lip problem, but then a whole new thing catches their attention as some boys walk by. They seem to mention something about looking forward to making PokéBlocks. Joy then tells them there’s gonna be a Berry-blending event nearby here soon, and it’s be great for May to prepare for the Festival.

Jessie, James and Meowth are disguised as gardeners, and standing outside the Pokemon Center trimming hedges as they make their next “plans”. But unfortunately it’s one of those times where they have Giovanni-impresser’s block, and are tired, so they decide to take a little rest and collapse. But it’s not before long before their faces are trampled over and stepped on. As they get up, they notice a Munchlax walk away! They start chasing it, but something in the window distracts Jessie, so they leave it and take a look. Why, it’s some Berry Blenders for PokéBlocks!

Ash’s still struggling with the swollen lips, but hoping to let it wear off as he trains with Snorunt a bit. Snorunt tries to Ice Beam a target Ash set up... and fails to even fire it far enough. He tries again... this time it passes a bunch of trees, but loses its path and goes directly into the sky. Ash decides that’s it for today, and is about to go back and meet the others... but apparently the Ice Beam fired into the sky hadn’t dissolved just yet, as they return to the ground, right on Ash! Luckily, he manages to break out of the ice block quickly, and his lips are no longer swollen!

Back at the center, Max and Brock are watching kids blend Berries to make PokéBlocks, and while they’re at it, explains the demonstration. Once again Brock considers making some that Joy would like... but just then May comes back, with a whole box full of Berries! Max and Brock aren’t too sure if using all those is a good idea, so Brock offers a recipe to help her. However, May has her own recipe! With that, she plans to make her own PokéBlock-May-Delicious! She’s using Berries of every flavor, which once again, Max and Brock aren’t sure is a good idea. As she presses the switch, waits while they blend... out come some purple PokéBlocks! Joy congratulates her on he “May-Delicious” creation, while Max and Brock taste the samples... and gag. Max insists on telling her that she wasn’t thinking clearly, but she’s still convinced it’s because they’re mainly for Pokemon, not people...

Snorunt’s Ice Beam is pretty powerful, but unfortunately it won’t go where Ash wants it to, and just keeps going into the air. Yet again, some of them even last long enough to fall back on Ash and freeze him again. Time for them to give up for the day, so Ash heads back to the Pokemon Center. Meanwhile in another neck of the woods, a Munchlax has picked up an aroma quite appealing to it, so it starts to follow...

Time to impress the gang’s Pokemon with the brand new product, May-Delicious! They all take a bite... and in less than a second they all gag, turn funny colors, and some even go crazy. Max then notices Corphish didn’t exactly have a reaction, so maybe he liked it... never mind, it was just too gagged up to move. As they return to their Pokeballs, May is about to scrap the whole thing and give up. However, a strange character then shows up in the door-Munchlax. Before they can say anything, Munchlax starts eating May’s PokéBlocks! It’s not every day a Pokemon comes a long way just to eat PokéBlocks. May’s glad it likes them, and everyone watches as it licks the plate clean. May decides to possibly use Munchlax to help enhance her PokéBlocks.

Just then, to their luck, two mysterious figures (Team Rocket in disguise) have taken a nearby desk, and are advertising some sort of PokéBlock enhancement thing, getting the kids all excited. Of course they’re not going to miss out on such a thing. While Team Rocket start with their “taste testing”, Meowth and Wobbuffet hide behind the table and steal some of the PokéBlocks! But anyway, they both seem to be liking each of the kids’ PokéBlocks, until it’s May’s turn. As they take a bite, May does warn them... James tries his best not to gag on it and pretend to like it, but he can’t help but make a face. May is starting to consider the fact that maybe there’s something about Munchlax... however, just then Jessie seems to really like it (not sure if she actually likes it or is just a really good actress).

Before their conversation gets any further, one of the kids notices that all the PokéBlocks on the table are gone! Team Rocket look away with evil grins, and are about to reveal themselves-but then all the kids seem to be convinced that it’s Munchlax who ate them. Perhaps they can actually scapegoat it. However, May and Joy are the only ones in the room that insist on considering it innocent until proven guilty. However, Team Rocket (still in disguise) try to talk their way into convincing them that it was Munchlax who’s the most likely suspect for filching the PokéBlocks. But May still considers the fact that just maybe Munchlax could help prove it’s innocence, but there’s one problem. Munchlax is gone! As everyone leaves the center on a wild goose chase, Team Rocket stay and chuckle at their success.

As Munchlax is peacefully eating some Berries out in the woods, the kids find it and accuse it. May and the others block their way and tell them to lay off until they find proof of Munchlax being the culprit, but Munchlax sitting there behind them and feasting on Berries carelessly isn’t exactly helping. As the kids continue to accuse it, May shocks everyone. She is starting to believe that Munchlax is indeed the culprit, however, while wild Pokemon do tend to carelessly hunt for food, she is going to try to capture it and restrain it. With that, maybe train it not to do that. Everyone seems to support her decision, so they watch.

May starts by sending out Combusken, but once again Munchlax is nowhere in sight... well, it actually sneaked away pretty quickly and climbed up a tree. Max is worried that it may have heard her plan, but May tries to lure it by calling it down and waving one of her May-Delicious PokéBlocks. Surprisingly, it works, and May feeds it the PokéBlock-and quickly challenges it to a battle before it can escape again.

Combusken uses Fire Spin, but it ends up burning a hole in the tree as Munchlax sneaks away pretty quickly. May looks around a bit, and finds it right behind her, laughing. Instead of being angry, she complements it on it’s good agility, gives it another May-Delicious PokéBlock... and has Combusken use Sky Uppercut while it feasts! Once again, Munchlax falls over as the attack is about to connect, leaving Combusken to hit the tree instead and knock down some Cheris. Apparently, the last PokéBlock she fed him was enough for the day, and it fell asleep. However... instead of winning just yet, she shakes it awake and gives it yet another one of her PokéBlocks! Now, Munchlax seems to actually be pumped up and ready to battle from that rest, so Combusken tries another Sky Uppercut... once again, the same routine follows with Munchlax moving out of the way, hitting the trees and knocking out some Berries. This time, however, Munchlax doesn’t fall asleep, but takes a little snack break with them.

Back at the lodge, TR are planning once again their old trick with slamming the net over the rat. As they use the berries they have to make more PokéBlocks, they plan to lure it there along with that Munchlax who helped them scapegoat. Unfortunately, James is very hungry, and takes a bite of the best looking Berry he could find-the Tamato. Jessie and Meowth notice, but it’s too late. His mouth is on fire; he’s going berserk, and rampaging out of the Center and into the woods.

It just so happens he reaches the field where May is working on Munchlax, and while they still don’t recognize him due to his disguise, they immediately can tell by his lips and by his activity that he ate a Tamato Berry. Just then, a few PokéBlocks roll out of his bag, and the truth comes clear to the kids. Perfect timing. Jessie sneaks by that minute, swipes Pikachu, and they both reveal themselves and climb into the balloon. Fortunately, a Fire Spin from Combusken easily frees Pikachu. Unfortunately, a series of PokéBlocks fall out of the bag, and Munchlax determinedly catches them and jumps all the way to the balloon eating the whole chain. Just then it climbs in the bag to gobble the ‘Blocks, but Team Rocket throw Munchlax off with the bag, and May catches it.

Ash then tries to have Snorunt Ice Beam the balloon... it nearly hits, but mildly misses and freezes a tree instead. But that doesn’t really help them, as the balloon gets punctured by one of the icicles on the tree and explodes, blasting them off for the umpteenth time.

Now all the PokéBlocks are falling from the sky, and much to the kids’ dismay, Munchlax is catching them like crazy in its mouth, not missing a single one. May had better take action before they’re all gone. Thinking fast, she tosses a Pokeball... Munchlax freezes in shocks... and catches the Pokeball in its mouth as well. May sighs, having lost one of her Pokeballs... but wait, Munchlax turns into a light, and poof! Munchlax has been captured from the inside! May breathes a sigh of relief, hugs her new Pokeball, and everyone can sleep better tonight as they continue on their journey to Slateport City!

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394: Berry, Berry Interesting

394: 'May-Delicious' Captures Munchlax

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