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Ash and company are travelling along when they come upon a town and a guy training his Feraligatr. It fights a Heracross and wins. Ash checks it out with his pokedex and brings out Totodile so it can get a look at its evolution I guess. Misty gets hearts in her eyes either because of the cute guy or magnificient Water pokemon and I assume they talk about the sumo wrestling contest next. Ash of course decides to enter and sends for his Snorlax which seems to have gotten even bigger since the last time we saw it. The Feraligatr's trainer seems impressed by Snorlax. They weigh it on a scale to check if it is legible for the match
Team Rocket decide to enter as well and disquise Wobbuffet as a Miltank to get in (apparently only some kinds of pokemon are allowed in the compettition and its purely a match of strength no elemental moves or anything.) The competition starts (Totodile watching in the stands with Misty and Brock) and Ash's Snorlax defeats its first foe (a Poliwrath) easily as it just bounces off the huge creaures belly and out of the ring (being pushed out of the ring is how you lose.) The same thing happens with many of its opponents. The prize seems to be a lot of pokemon food and also the King's Rock and Snorlax tries to get at it. Apparently its become more obediant as Ash is able to stop it.
Team Rocket use their disguised Wobbuffet and it defeats an Ursaring with its Counter. This of course makes people suspicious and they are soon revealed. They say their motto then are blasted away by Feraligatr's Water Gun. The competition continues and with Ash and the Feraligatr training going strong. Apparently there is this Blastoise that the Feraligatr's trainer has a grudge against or something. Anyway they fight. Its a close match but Feraligatr wins and it comes down to the final match, Feraligatr vs. Snorlax! Snorlax is nearly pushed out of the ring but perseveres and with a mighty surge of strength and encuragement from Ash wins! It gets the food and Ash leaps up and hugs it, Snorlax smiling broadly probably from both the hug and the food. It then goes to sleep and glows. Ash looks in his Pokedex which I assume says that Snorlax is using Rest to recover its energy. They all say goodbye, Totodile saying a special farewell to its magnificient evolution. Hopefully they talked about how Totodile would one day become one.

196: Ring Masters

196: Feraligatr Vs. Blastoise! Sumo Match



Professor Oak
Nurse Joy

Pikachu Snorlax Totodile
Nurse Joy:
Special/Other Trainers:
Blastoise Arbok Nidoking Golduck Machamp Golem Rhydon Kangaskhan Quagsire Granbull Heracross Ursaring

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