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The episode begins with Ash and Brock having a practise battle with Mudkip and Grovyle. Mudkip flies at Grovyle, but the swift Pokemon dodges quickly out of the way before using Bullet Seed at Ash's command. Watching them are May, Max and Pikachu who look on impressed at the tough battle. Ash then orders Grovyle to use Leaf Blade, and Mudkip is knocked back but not out by the powerful grass attack. Gritting it's teeth, Mudkip manages to keep its grip on the floor. Willing itself to fight on, Mudkip suddenly starts to glow much to the group's amazement. Max realises that it's about to evolve, and Mudkip does just that, and evolves into Marshtomp!

Amazed at the new Pokemon standing before her, May whips out her Pokedex and scans the Pokemon for information. Without any warning however, Marshtomp fires off a new attack, Mud Shot, right at Grovyle. The attack misses, and goes straight past Ash and hits a poor Flaffy which is standing behind some nearby bushes. Running over to the hurt Pokemon, they find a distressed girl sitting next to it, seeing if it's okay. Brock apologises, but the girl doesn't seem angry at him and excuses herself and runs off with her hurt Pokemon. She eventually reaches a mysterious shop, and Ash and co. follow her in. It appears to be a medicine house, as an old woman gives some to the hurt Flaffy who drinks it all up through a bottle. After drinking it all, Mareep smiles and looks as good as new, and the girl thanks her old woman, who's name is Sekie. Brock apologies again, and Ash explains that they were training for the Battle Arena. The girl happily says it's alright, her Pokemon is fine now, and the Sekie turns around fro her potions ans asks Ash if he is taking the Battle Frontier challenge. Ash says that he is, and introduces himself. Not wanting to get left out, May, Max and Brock jump in and introduce themselves too. Especially Brock, who adds that he is a Pokemon Breeder. The girl then introduces herself as Momoko, and Brock runs over and grabs her hands and recites his usual words of love. Funnily enough, Marshtomp mirrors his actions and declares it's love to the confused Flaffy. Max and May aren't impressed however, and drags off the love-stricken pair.

At that moment, a boy and an Ampharos walk into the room with the boy carrying a bottle holding some mysterious orange potion. The boy asks the old woman to check it, and she does, but then tells him that it simply isn't quite good enough. The boy smiles, but looks equally depressed. He then realises the other people in the room, and asks Sekie who they are. Momoko introduces them, and tells the group that the boy's name is Ryuata.

Outside, Team Rocket look at the building that Ash and co. are currently in, and giggle amongst themselves as they plot to break in and steal all the goodies inside. Out of the building come the entire group, and Brock begs Sekie to teach him some of her medicines and potions to help with his breeding dreams. All go but Ash, who decides to do some training instead. Sekie agrees, and they instantly get to work as Brock takes notes down as Sekie works. As the old woman mixes a potion, she tells Brock that a little extra kick is needed... such as a Pokemon's electricity. Sekie then calls out her Mareep, and puts a cork with metal rods sticking out and in of it into the potion bottle. She then orders Mareep to use Thunder, which it does, the attack being drawn to the metal rods and into the bottle. The group watch in silence and amazement as the Pokemon continues to zap the bottle, making the potion change colour and become darker... seeing a ripple inside the bottle Sekie orders Mareep to stop, having done itsjob and making the potion perfect.

She then hands the potion to Ryuata, who proceeds to put the potion in the storeroom... just as Team Rocket walk in in disguises. James is dressed as an old man, Jessie as a smart looking woman and Meowth in what appears to be a Snorlax outfit. They explain that their Pokemon is horribly thin for its type, and that it needs special food. They then grab various blocks of food from off the selves and shove them down 'Snorlax's' mouth. Ryuata tries to stop them, but Jessie grabs him and shoves him inside Snorlax too. Opening his eyes, Ryuata sees that the Snorlax is nothing more then Meowth and Wobbuffet dressed up. He tries to shout, but Jessie and James grab the Snorlax and run off. Ryuata follows them, shouting thief as he does which grabs the attention of Ash who is training nearby. Hearing the boy's calls for help, he orders Grovyle is use Bullet Seed to stop Team Rocket dead in their tracks. Tripping up, Team Rocket lose their disguises at the same time May, Max and theothers appear. Ryuata and Team Rocket struggle and fight over the Snorlax.

Brock runs up, and orders Mudkip to use Mud Shot, which hits Team Rocket and sends them over a nearby bank and into the river... or rather, a boat sitting there which proceeds to sail them away. James isn't too down however, as it means a slow but steady getaway. He isn't happy for long however, as the tide of the river carries them over a waterfall, much to Ash's confusion. Momoko then runs up to Ryuata, and asks if he is okay. Ryuata smiles happily at her, and says that he got all the stolen stuff back. Momoko shakes her head, and says that that isn't what she was worried about... she was worried about him, and she blushes while doing so. Ryuata is clueless however, but May and Max share a knowing glance.

Later that night, Brock happily sits brushing his newly evolved Marshtomp while blushing and thinking of his future plans with Momoko. Ash asks Pikachu if it is prepared for the Battle Arena, and Pikachu nods in agreement. Looking out of the window however, Ash notices bright light coming from one of other medicine houses, the same one in which Brock was being taught by Sekie. Wondering if there is anything suspicious going on, Ash and co. walk silently over to the building and peek inside... only to see Ryuata and Ampharos practising Sekie's Thunder technique on a bottle of his own. Ampharos puts on too much pressure however, and the bottle bursts and the Thunder attack is sent in Ash's direction which causes Ryuata to realise their presence as Ash dances around the powerful attack.

Ryuata then starts to clean up the mess he caused, and what exactly he was doing... several years ago, when he and Momoko were kids, Sekie, their teacher would show them her Thunder technique and create wonderful potions which hined in the sunlight. Ryuata explains that he really wants to make potions like that too, but he can't, no matter how hard he tries. Sekie walks in, and says that she sees... and that he CAN do it, he just needs to master the ability to make them. Sekie is interrupted however, when an earthquake rips through the building. The group run out, and look behind only to see that the building is no longer there and is floating away! Team Rocket, deciding to instead just TAKE the building instead of what's inside it, laugh as they pull the building upwards. However, Momoko is still inside and calls for help from her friends below.

Team Rocket don't care however, and they start to recite their motto. There's a little twist at the end however, as James' new Manane jumps out much to the group's surprise and Max wonders where they got it from. Momoko calls for help again, and Ryuata climbs up onto another one of the building roofs and jumps over to the one Team Rocket is lifting away. Angry that someone is trying to ruin their plans, Meowth uses a remote control to swing the building from side to side to try to throw Ryuata off. It doesn't work however, and the boy clings on. Jessie then orders Meowth to fly higher, and Meowth turns to high power. Not wanting Team Rocket to get away however, Brock orders Marshtomp to use Mud Shot... which is reflected back at the group by one of Team Rocket's devices. The reflected attacks hit Pikachu and Mareep, and May looks on worried, knowing that ground type attacks especially hurt electric types. Back up in Team Rocket's balloon, Team Rocket laugh and Jessie tells Meowth that it's time to leave... anene has other plans however, and jumps onto the controls Meowth is using and presses buttons at random which causes the balloon to go out of control and the jet packs to malfunction.

Ryuata seems to have had an idea, and grabs the two remaining bottles that the shaking didn't smash. He tells Momoko that it's their only chance, they need to help Pikachu and Mareep out by perfecting the potions with their Thunder attack. Maybe then the group on the ground could help them! Using Thunder, Ampharos' power surges through the potion. It struggles, but Ryuata encourages his Pokemon to keep trying and do its best. Just as it looks like it's hopeless, Momoko steps in with her Flaffy and helps out, both Pokemon using Thunder on the bottle. Ryuata thanks her and the two trainers and their two Pokemon work together on the potion to get it to work... just as a ripple goes through the potion, Ryuata orders both Pokemon to stop.

Having repaired the jet packs, James and Meowth crawl back into the room ready to take off once again. Jessie orders Meowth to go, and the balloon instantly starts to fly off once again. Not before Ryuata can throw Sekie his perfected potion however. Sekie looks inside the bottle, and is amazed that it is the perfect colour... the colour of perfection. Back with Team Rocket, they laugh up their victory as they continue to fly off at an increasing speed. Ash and co. quickly catch up to them however, and Pikachu and Mareep, both healed after Ryuata and Momoko's potion, fire off a Thunder attack. Team Rocket aren't worried however, and use the reflecting device to fire the Thunder right back at the group. It misses however, and Ryuata along with Momoko order a Thunder attack of their own which destroys the jet packs on the balloon causing it and the building to drop to the ground. Ash and the rest of the group challenge Team Rocket, who send out Seviper and Cacnea to deal with them. Cacnea jumps back into Jame' arms, and James tries to order his Pokemon to use Needle Arm while Jessie orders Poison Tail. Brock isn't about to let them attack though, and commands Marshtomp to use Water Gun to push them back. Ryuata and Momoko then order a double Thunder attack while holding hands, much to Brock's dismay. Ash and Sekie get in on the Thundering, and Team Rocket are blasted off once again.

Back on the ground, Sekie congratulates Ryuata and Momoko for a successful potion, and the two say that they couldn't have done it without the other. Flaffy and Ampharos also snuggle up close to eachother, and Brock and Marshtomp look on, shocked and defeated.

The episode ends with Sekie giving Ash directions to the Battle Arena, and Momoko and Ryuata wishing Ash luck in his battle.

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425: Mudkip & Flaaffy! Wonder Drug of Love!?



Pikachu Grovyle
Mudkip Marshtomp
Wobbuffet Seviper
Cacnea Mime Jr.

Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp
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