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While training on Melemele Island, Ash once again encounters the Island Guardian Tapu Koko. Challenging it to a battle, its attacks clash with Pikachu's and create an Ultra Wormhole that drags Ash into a mysterious desolate world, one which has been destroyed and left in ruins. They discover that this is the world of the mysterious Ultra Beast, Guzzlord. However, Guzzlord starts to attack them until a mysterious trainer and his Zeraora comes to their rescue...

Full Guide coming Soon

1043: Battling the Beast Within!!

1043: The Lightning that Blocks Wind! Its name is Zeraora


Professor Kukui
Professor Burnet
Ultra Rangers

Professor Burnet:
Ultra Rangers:
Blastoise Golem Houndoom Blissey Passimian
Special/Other Trainers:
Buneary Rotom Litten Popplio Rockruff
Rattata Pikipek Grubbin Cutiefly Ribombee Wishiwashi Bounsweet Pyukumuku Tapu Koko Guzzlord

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