After you have completed the 10 Colosseums found within the Colosseum Mode, a number of new options turn up. All the past Colosseums are playable again, however 4 of them have some major differences:

Completion Prize

Once you have completed the 10 Colosseums, if you go to the shop, you will be able to buy, and transfer to your DS games, a certain Prize Pokémon with a combination of attacks previously impossible to get;

OT: Pokétopia
ID: 12146
Level: 10
Light Ball Attached
Volt Tackle
Tail Whip

However, that is not all. The four colosseums; Gateway Colosseum, Sunny Park, Courtyard Colosseum & Stargazer Colosseum completely change their rule books and the people & Pokémon in them. Below are the changes;

Gateway Colosseum

The changes to Gateway Colosseum are not actually activated by defeating the other Colosseums, but merely by defeating the Colosseum for the first time. It is mentioned here due to the high likelyhood of these changes being missed.

The rules still stay the same in the Gateway Colosseum, you have to enter with a pre-set team of Pokémon and you are capable of exchanging your Pokémon as you go throughout this. The difference is, the Pokémon you face as you go on are stronger Pokémon with stronger attacks.

Click here for the Changed Pokémon Rostas

Sunny Park Colosseum

The Sunny Park Colosseum features a major change. Instead of it being a KnockOut Battle with Pokémon of high strength, Sunny Park changes into a Colosseum for only Lower Levelled Unevolved Pokémon to battle in. The restrictions are below:

  • Your Pokémon has to be Level 1 up to Level 5
  • Your Pokémon has to be able to evolve, but still be the base form
  • Your Pokémon has to have hatched from an Egg
This means that to get the best team, you will have to breed moves onto the Base forms of the Pokémon.

Sunny Park Teams and Rostas coming soon

Courtyard Colosseum

Courtyard Colosseum has also changed from being a Knockout battle to being a massive 100 Man KnockOut Battle.

Taking its cue from Mt. Battle from Colosseum & XD, Courtyard Colosseum brings in a few new twists. First, the trainers have different amounts of Pokémon depending on your status throughout the Knockoutfest;

  • Trainers 001-009 have 1 Pokémon
  • Trainers 010-029 have 2 Pokémon
  • Trainers 030-039 have 3 Pokémon
  • Trainers 040+ have 4 Pokémon
If you defeat 50 trainers you get 2500 PokéCoupons and a new Rental Team. If you defeat all 100 trainers you get 10,000 PokéCoupons, another Rental Team and a new Star item.

Finally, in a new twist, your Pokémon are not guaranteed to be fully healed after each battle, instead a Roulette is spun to decide the options. First it selects what gets done out of the following options;

  • Complete Recovery
  • HP Recovery
  • PP Recovery
  • Status Recovery
  • Item Recovery
Plus, to make things worse, it's also random whether your entire team will get the above choice done to them, or just one Pokémon. Luck is really part of this game

Courtyard Colosseum New Teams and Rostas coming soon

Stargazer Colosseum

Finally, Stargazer Colosseum, the final Colosseum has changed from a KnockOut battle against the leaders of past Colosseums, into a KnockOut battle featuring 8 sets of 4 trainers.

With each set increasing in difficulty, they become activated as soon as you defeat the one before it. But be warned, the teams here are some of the toughest you will ever face.

Click here for the new Stargazer Colosseum

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