Here are all the preliminary Pictures from Pokémon Battle Revolution. Click the Link to view the picture:

7th June 2006
Pikachu & Groudon VS Deoxys & Wailord
The LeafGreen Trainer
The FireRed Trainer
Selecting Pikachu's Attack
Pikachu about to tackle Deoxys
Deoxys Recovers
Wailord Uses Blizzard
Pikachu Uses Thunderk
Deoxys is hit by a Hyper Beam
The Effects of the Hyper Beam on the Location
Deoxys Faints in the trail of the Hyper Beam

14th September 2006
The Trainers from Diamond & Pearl send out their Pokémon
Diaruga is Sent Out
Parukia is Sent Out
Diaruga is Hit By Groudon's Slash Attack
Parukia awaits instructions
Diaruga Uses a Stomp Attack on Groudon
Parukia Uses a Slash Attack on Kyogre
Parukia uses a Massive Water Attakc
The attack hits both Kyogre & Groudon
Diaruga is about to be hit by a Hydro Pump
Diaruga lines up a Shadowed Version of Hyper Beam
Groudon is hit by the Beam
Diaruga in it's Victory Pose
Parukia in it's Victory Pose

30th October 2006
Dotaitos prepares to attack
Enperuto is hit by Dotaitos' attack
Goukazaru runs to attack
Goukazaru pounces upon Dotaitos
Enperuto uses a Surf Attack
Goukazaru sees the Wave heading for it

16th November 2006
Creating your Custom Character
Playing with your Custom Character
Gregguru preparing to attack
Pikachu is running up to Munchlax
Pikachu runs up and stops in front of Munchlax
Pikachu attacks
Agunomu uses an Electric Attack
Yukishii uses Shadow Ball
Emuritto uses a Psychic Attack
Elekible uses Thunderbolt
Buuburn uses Flamethrower
Buuburn uses Fire Punch on Elekible
Elekible uses ThunderPunch on Buuburn

30th November 2006
Rentoraa Uses Charge Beam
Mukuhawk uses Feather Dance
Floatsel uses Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet hits Mukuhawk
Beruberuto uses Gyro Ball
Jibacoil uses Magnet Bomb
Diaruga uses Time Bomb
Parukia uses Space Break

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