One of the biggest features that PokéFans around the world have been clamouring for for a good number of years has finally come around; Customisation of your trainer. Pokémon Battle Revolution allows you to do this, similar to the style of the Nintendo WIi's own Mii's, but a thousand times better:


In the creation mode, you can fully customise the trainer so that it can become essentially how you feel you would be in the Pokémon world. With a variety of options for you to choose from categories including height, hair style, clothes, accessories, bags and so forth, the customisation is really complete and allows you to be a complete individual


In this game you can store up to 32 trainers with their teams. Giving them various opening statements, this allows for you to make them completely personal. After storing them, you can allocate them to any one of your teams so that even if you delete your trainer at a later date, it'll still be there for one of the teams that you have saved


Nowq that you have your trainer created and customised, you can now battle with them in-game. Following through the game with this, your trainer will become the staple of your playing. However, this is not the only way you can use the trainer. You can easily use it with one of the teams that you have registered and use it to battle online on the Nintendo WiFi Connection and essentially show off your creation.

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