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Celebi & Venusaur GX 270 HP  
When you TAG TEAM has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards.

GrassColorlessColorless Pollen Hazard
Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Burned, Confused, and Poisoned.

GrassGrassColorlessColorless Solar Beam

GrassGrassColorlessColorless+ Evergreen GX
Heal all damage from this Pokémon. If this Pokémon has at least 1 extra Grass Energy attached to it (in addition to this attack's cost), shuffle all cards from your discard pile into your deck.
You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game

Weakness x2 Resistance

Retreat Cost

1 of 181
Illustration: Mitsuhiro Arita


#2 / 181