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Plants are decorative decorations that hold very little functional purpose and as such, will only show to be adding colour to the bases

Picture Name Effect
Big PlantA large, umbrella- shaped plant in a big pot.
Bonsai A restrained and evocative miniature tree shaped by a master.
Colorful PlantA large pot with many colorful flowers.
Dainty Flowers A pot of very cute flowers.
Gorgeous PlantA large, impressive plant in a big pot.
Jumbo Plant 
Lavish Flowers A pot of very beautiful flowers.
Lovely Flowers A planter that is bursting with a gorgeous selection of flowers.
Magna Plant 
Poké Flower A small flower like those seen at any Pokémon Center.
Potted Plant A potted plant that adds a touch of wild nature.
Pretty FlowersA pot of very pretty flowers.
Red PlantA vivid red potted plant.
Tropic Plant 
Tropical PlantA flowering tropical plant in a pot.