Pokémon Puzzle Collection
Release Dates
North America: November 16th 2001
Japan: December 14th 2001
Europe: March 15th 2002

Genre: Mini-Game Compilation
Players: 1
Developer: Jupiter Corp.

Pokémon Puzzle Collection is a small collection of a variety of small puzzle titles. These puzzles vary in style and have you access 80 different Pokémon. Once you have accessed the Pokémon, you can then look them up on the game's Mini Dex and view a small animation

There are four games to play in this puzzle game, each with 20 stages to complete. They are as follows:

Mini-Game Listings

Motion Puzzle
Unlocked by: From Beginning

The Motion Puzzles have you create an image of a specific Pokémon by swapping tiles across the board in a 4x4 grid. The trick is that the Pokémon are in a constant state of motion. As the level increases, the images get more complex and more heavily animated, creating a tougher challenge than usual

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Poliwhirl
Level 1-2 Photo Teddiursa
Level 1-3 Photo Hoothoot
Level 1-4 Photo Snubbull
Level 2-1 Photo Octillery
Level 2-2 Photo Sudowoodo
Level 2-3 Photo Shuckle
Level 2-4 Photo Elekid
Level 3-1 Photo Hitmontop
Level 3-2 Photo Hoppip
Level 3-3 Photo Murkrow
Level 3-4 Photo Tyrogue
Level 4-1 Photo Ditto
Level 4-2 Photo Spinarak
Level 4-3 Photo Magnemite
Level 4-4 Photo Venonat
Level 5-1 Photo Unown
Level 5-2 Photo Grimer
Level 5-3 Photo Skiploom
Level 5-4 Photo Electrode
Shadow Puzzle
Unlocked by: From Beginning

The Shadow Puzzles have you fill up a silhouette by using various pieces that are put to the side, much like a jigsaw puzzle. These pieces can be rotated in 90 degree increments by using the B Button in order to be placed into the puzzle. When the final piece is placed in the puzzle, the Pokémon is caught

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Staryu
Level 1-2 Photo Metapod
Level 1-3 Photo Diglett
Level 1-4 Photo Larvitar
Level 2-1 Photo Haunter
Level 2-2 Photo Poliwag
Level 2-3 Photo Sunkern
Level 2-4 Photo Oddish
Level 3-1 Photo Delibird
Level 3-2 Photo Kabuto
Level 3-3 Photo Totodile
Level 3-4 Photo Togetic
Level 4-1 Photo Dratini
Level 4-2 Photo Ekans
Level 4-3 Photo Gengar
Level 4-4 Photo Chikorita
Level 5-1 Photo Pinsir
Level 5-2 Photo Ho-Oh
Level 5-3 Photo Pichu
Level 5-4 Photo Jigglypuff
Rescue Mission
Unlocked by: From Beginning

Rescue Missions are pretty simple. Using the D-Pad, the blocks can be moved. Arrows will tell you which blocks can be moved in which direction and you can change to see if there are other possibilities with the A button. Moving blocks that are 1x1, 2x1, 1x2 and your Pokémon, you have to make it to the end to complete the level and capture the Pokémon.

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Pikachu
Level 1-2 Photo Igglybuff
Level 1-3 Photo Cleffa
Level 1-4 Photo Smoochum
Level 2-1 Photo Vileplume
Level 2-2 Photo Voltorb
Level 2-3 Photo Natu
Level 2-4 Photo Marill
Level 3-1 Photo Wooper
Level 3-2 Photo Misdreavus
Level 3-3 Photo Chinchou
Level 3-4 Photo Phanpy
Level 4-1 Photo Gastly
Level 4-2 Photo Omanyte
Level 4-3 Photo Mareep
Level 4-4 Photo Porygon2
Level 5-1 Photo Togepi
Level 5-2 Photo Swinub
Level 5-3 Photo Bellossom
Level 5-4 Photo Mew
Power On
Unlocked by: Complete 30 Puzzles

Power On is unlocked after completing 30 puzzles and provides another 20 different puzzles. These puzzles give you a small circuitboard where you have to move the pieces around in order to create a circuit for Pikachu. If you create the circuit, then the lightbulb illuminates and the Pokémon is captured.

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Chansey
Level 1-2 Photo Cyndaquil
Level 1-3 Photo Squirtle
Level 1-4 Photo Charmander
Level 2-1 Photo Bulbasaur
Level 2-2 Photo Weedle
Level 2-3 Photo Qwilfish
Level 2-4 Photo Politoed
Level 3-1 Photo Wobbuffet
Level 3-2 Photo Meowth
Level 3-3 Photo Sentret
Level 3-4 Photo Aipom
Level 4-1 Photo Swinub
Level 4-2 Photo Quagsire
Level 4-3 Photo Dunsparce
Level 4-4 Photo Magby
Level 5-1 Photo Miltank
Level 5-2 Photo Jumpluff
Level 5-3 Photo Slugma
Level 5-4 Photo Smeargle