Pokémon Race mini
Game Name: Pokémon Race Mini ポケモンレースミニ

Release Dates
Japan: July 19th 2002

Genre: Racing, 2D Platformer
Players: 1-2
Developer: Jupiter Corporation

Pokémon Race mini is a racing game where you play as Pikachu and race against various Pokémon in various different courses



The mechanics are rather simple. You have to run and jump over various obstacles in stages in order to get to the end before your opponent. There are obstacles throughout the stages such as grass and water.

You have to complete three laps of each course in order to finish, and with each lap you get a special charge attack in order to quickly shoot forwards, gaining momentum and possibly reaching parts you couldn't previously get to.


While you can only play as Pikachu in this game, other Pokémon are faced in the Pokémon Grand Prix mode. Each Pokémon you face has got various different mechanics, most of which are suited to the stage in which you face them.

Picture Pokémon Mechanics
Pikachu No special effect
Chikorita Chikorita is not slowed by grass
Diglett Can easily move through small paths. Cannot jump
Ditto Can climb up walls easily. Can turn into Pikachu
Magnemite Can cling to walls and move without any friction
Natu Has increased height in jumps
Pichu Can fit in small spaces
Sandshrew Sandshrew is not slowed down by sand.
Wooper Wooper is not slowed down by water.

In this game, there are 16 different courses to play through, each with 8 different styles. Each course includes a variety of jumps and obstacles that need to be overcome in order to complete. Three laps have to be completed. Originally, just four courses are unlocked in the game, but more are unlocked as you complete Grand Prixs.

Course Listings

Diglett's Cave
Picture Name Versus
Diglett's Cave Diglett
Diglett's Cave Diglett's Cave 2

Goldenrod City
Picture Name Versus
Goldenrod City Ditto
Goldenrod City Goldenrod City 2

Mt. Moon
Picture Name Versus
Mt. Moon Sandshrew
Mt. Moon Mt. Moon 2

National Park
Picture Name Versus
National Park Chikorita
National Park National Park 2

Power Plant
Picture Name Versus
Power Plant Magnemite
Power Plant Power Plant 2

Route 12
Picture Name Versus
Route 12 Wooper
Route 12 Route 12 2

Ruins of Alph
Picture Name Versus
Ruins of Alph Natu
Ruins of Alph Ruins of Alph 2

Viridian Forest
Picture Name Versus
Viridian Forest Pichu
Viridian Forest Viridian Forest 2


Pokémon Grand Prix

The Pokémon Grand Prix has you go through four different races in order to become the best racer. There are four different cups each with different difficulties to complete them in: Easy, Normal, Hard & Expert. Coming in first in all of the races will give you a gold cup which is shown on the cup selection screen

Cup Listings
Rookie Cup Super Cup Hyper Cup Master Cup
National Park
Route 12
Viridian Forest
Mt. Moon
Route 12 2
Diglett's Cave
Mt. Moon 2
Goldenrod City
National Park 2
Diglett's Cave 2
Power Plant
Ruins of Alph
Viridian Forest 2
Power Plant 2
Ruins of Alph 2
Goldenrod City 2

Challenge Mode gives a variety of special courses. There are 6 different levels of 4 stages to complete. Each requires you to get Pikachu to the goal in the special time constraint using a variety of Pikachu's special moves.

As you complete each stage, the next level of the stage becomes available. These require the utmost skill using Pikachu to complete.

Time Attack

Time Attack mode is essentially a time trial, giving you the ability to go through the courses in order to set your best lap and course time. Your best record is then saved to the game. The stages unlock in this mode as you complete their respective cup in Pokémon Grand Prix mode.

Ditto Battle

Ditto Battle lets you race against ghosts of various Time Attacks. In the game, you can score up to 5 different ghosts which can be raced including your own as well as ones from friends. When you do, you'll race as normal but you'll see the ghost of the Pikachu. This adds incentive for you to try to beat high scores, including your own high score.

In this mode, you can also send and receive ghost data from other players using the Pokémon mini's infared port.


Accessed from the main menu of the game, you can see the top 3 times for each stage on your game, as well as rankings introduced by friends. You can transfer the rankings using the Pokémon mini's Infared port. These will add the other player's rankings to your device so you can see how your scores compare to other players.