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Great Canyon

Amount of Floors - 12
Unlock Criterea - After clearing the Mt. Thunder
Notes - Stock up on items and others before this dungeon, because after your clear this dungeon, the next event will be triggered when you enter the Pokemon Square, which will not allow you to go back until you've cleared the Mt. Freeze

Pic No. Name Floors Found on
#188 Skiploom 1-3
#206 Dunsparce 1-3
#231 Phanpy 1-3
#084 Doduo 1-4
286 Breloom 4-6
#045 Vileplume 4-6
#198 Murkrow 5-7
#332 Cacturne 5-8
#164 Noctowl 6-8
#214 Heracross 7-9
#168 Ariados 8-11
#128 Tauros 10-12
#229 Houndoom 10-12

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