The Dungeon games, while having many random dungeons do have one thing...a big central hub with a load of places for you to go including houses, a noticeboard and many other places. Below is a list of the places in this central hub

Your Rescue Force Base

This is your base of operations, you can receive mail here and meet Pokémon that wish to join your team. It's design is based on your main Pokémon

The Shop

This shop is run by Kecleon, one of which sells Items to help you out, the other sells TMs for your Pokémon to learn

The Bank

This bank is run by Persian where you can Deposit and Withdraw any money that you have either on you or saved respectively

The Friend Circle

The friend circle is run by Wigglytuff. It gives information on Wild Pokémon so that you know where to go if you would like to try and get them to join your Rescue Force

The Post Office

This is where you can send requests to other players or teams

The Item Warehouse

Since you lose items that you're holding if you fail a mission, use this place to store items so that they arent lost if you are about to go onto a hard mission

The Move Fuser

This place, ran by Gulpin allows you to fuse moves together to add a better effect in battle. Gulpin can also help you remember old moves and unfuse moves that have been fused

The Training Ground

The Training Ground, run by Makuhita, does exactly what it says on the tin and allows you to train and level up your rescue force

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