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Northern Range

Amount of Floors - 25
Unlock Criterea - Purchased Friend Area Southern Island, obtained HM Surf from Solar Cave
Notes - After all criteria are fulfilled, the next morning you wake up at your headquarters, the event will start

Pic No. Name Floors Found on
#163 Hoothoot 1-5
#267 Beautifly 1-6
#291 Ninjask 1-7
#085 Dodrio 1-7
#189 Jumpluff 1-7
#167 Spinarak 6-11
#277 Swellow 7-13
#018 Pidgeot 8-16
#166 Ledian 12-18
#178 Xatu 14-20
#022 Fearow 17-24
#176 Togetic 18-24
#164 Noctowl 19-24
#336 Seviper 20-24
#381 Latios 25 (Boss)

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