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Oddity Cave

Amount of Floors - 15
Unlock Criterea - Special Nintendo Event
Notes -  

Pic No. Name Floors Found on
#013 Weedle B1-4
#015 Beedrill B1-4
#032 Nidoran B1-4
#309 Electrike B1-4
#331 Cacnea B1-4
#132 Ditto B1-15
#125 Electabuzz B4-5
#017 Pidgeotto B5
#181 Ampharos B5
#322 Numel B6
#213 Shuckle B6-9
#218 Slugma B6-10
#324 Torkoal B7-10
#078 Rapidash B8-10
#221 Piloswine B11
#299 Nosepass B11-12
#262 Mightyena B13-15
#305 Lairon B13-15
#361 Snorunt B14-15

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