Saturday: Pokémon - Volcanion Reveal + Pokémon Center Events + Hoopa Movie Date

12-12-2015 05:41 GMT / 00:41 EST by Serebii

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Edit @ 09:02: Pokémon Center Events + Hoopa Movie Date

Pokémon X & Y

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Pokémon - Volcanion Reveal

An image of the cover of this month's CoroCoro has come and hidden away in the top right hand corner is the final Mythical Pokémon of this generation, the Fire/Water-type Volcanion which has the Water Absorb ability. This indicates that this Pokémon will be fully revealed in the issue. We expect more images to come soon so be sure to check back.
Edit @ 05:59: Confirmed to star in the movie. Distribution details are to be announced at a later date

Pokémon Pokémon

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

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Pokémon Center Hiroshima Events

A set of new events have been revealed for the Pokémon Center in Hiroshima in Japan. These events are repeats of some popular events from the last 2 years and run monthly. In January, a repeat of the Shiny Mega Charizard Y event will run. In February, a repat of the Shiny Rayquaza event will run. In March, a repeat of the Shiny Mega Gengar event will run. In April, a repeat of the recent Mega Evolution Egg event will run. In May, a repeat of the PokéBall Pattern Vivillon event will run and finally in June a repeat of the Shiny Pikachu event will run.

Hoopa & The Clash of Ages

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Hoopa & The Clash of Ages

It has been confirmed that the US air date for the movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, is to be Saturday December 19th at 6pm on Cartoon Network. This movie has aired in Australia and Canada so far, and airs in the UK today. We've got a writeup of this movie so click the image for details

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