Tuesday: Pokkén Tournament Direct Screenshots + Pokémon Special - XY

27-01-2015 12:13 GMT / 07:13 EST by Serebii

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Edit @ 23:03: Pokémon Special - XY

Pokémon X & Y

In The Games Department

Pokkén Tournament

Following the information release in the stream on Friday, Famitsu has now released 9 direct-feed screenshots for the upcoming game, Pokkén Tournament. These screenshots show various parts of the game including battles and special moves using the fighters that were introduced last week. As such, I have added them to our pre-release screenshot page. Click the image to go to that page

Pokémon Special - X & Y

In The Manga Department

Pokémon Special - X & Y

In Japan, the latest saga of the Pokémon Special/Pokémon Adventures manga, focusing on the events of Pokémon X & Y, has been going on in a variety of Japanese magazines. As such, Coronis has begun the section of this saga, including the beginning of detailed summaries of the entire saga on the index page. Click the image to go to our page

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