Wednesday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - New Reveals + iOS Sticker App

14-09-2016 02:14 BST / 21:14 EDT by Serebii

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Pokémon Sun & Moon

Following the reveal in CoroCoro, we have more details of Pokémon Sun & Moon. We'll be updating with all the contents and updating all the pages on the site so be sure to keep checking back First the Japanese site has posted details on the new Ultra Beasts and states more Ultra Beasts are to come. It also promises new information on September 20th at 22:00 JST, which is 14:00 BST, 09:00 EDT, 06:00 PDT
Edit @ 14:10: New screenshots have been added to our Pre-Release Screenshot Page
14:13: It confirms that UB-02 Expansion's proboscis is stronger than diamonds and UB 02 Beauty is said to be fast enough to out run lightning
14:26: Updated our Ultra Beasts page
17:13: The US trailer has been released, along with confirmation of the English name for UB-02 Expansion: UB-02 Absorption


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Pokémon GO

The official site has updated with some further Pokémon GO Plus news. It has now confirmed that, despite what was previously assumed, when you have the Pokémon GO Plus accessory attached, you will be able to have distance tracked for the hatching of Eggs and the collection of candy from Buddy Pokémon. This all works with the game in the background with the phone locked

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A new feature that came to iOS 10 was the ability to have stickers for iMessage, akin to the LINE stickers that were released in July. With this, several companies including Nintendo have put out special apps which add stickers and The Pokémon Company has joined in with this. There is currently only one set available, Pokémon Pixel Art 1, available in both English and Japanese and costs $1.99/Ł1.79/249¥ to purchase. It's not clear when future sets will be available but keep checking back

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