Tuesday: Pokémon Shuffle - New Events

30-08-2016 07:03 BST / 02:03 EDT by Serebii

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Pokémon Shuffle

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Pokémon Shuffle - Events

A few brand new challenges have begun on Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Shuffle Mobile.
First, a special stage for Xerneas will be running until September 6th giving players a chance to get Xerneas.
Next, a repeat Competitive Challenge for Mega Charizard X's Mega Stone has begun. If you are in the top 1,600 in North America, 1,000 in Europe or 5,000 in Japan, you will get a Charizardite X, Mega Speedup and a Skill Swapper. If you are in the top 6,400 in America, 4,200 in Europe or 20,000 in Japan, you'll get a Charizardite X and a Mega Speedup. If you're in the top 19,000 in North America, 13,000 in Europe and 60,000 in Japan, you'll get a Charizardite X and Disruption Delay. If you're in the top 26,000 in North America, 17,000 in Europe or 80,000 in Japan, you'll get an Attack Power and Disruption Delay. If you already have a Charizardite X, you'll get a Raise Max Level. All other players get an Attack Power
Next, the Arceus stage has begun a repeat run until September 13th 2016
Next, the Regice stage is beginning another repeat run until September 13th 2016
Finally, the Daily Pokémon (#5) stages are beginning a repeat run until September 13th 2016. This provides Maractus, Dunsparce, Qwilfish, Durant and Heatmor. If you have captured them already, then you have a chance of getting coins.
All of these require the version 1.3.19 to download. Our Pokémon listings have been updated with these Pokémon

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