Friday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - Movie Events + Pokkén Tournament DX - New Trailers

07-07-2017 06:28 BST / 01:28 EDT by Serebii

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Pokémon Sun & Moon

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Movie Distributions

Several new distributions have been announced for Pokémon Sun & Moon. From July 11th to July 31st, at 7-11 stores in Japan, you'll be able to get a serial code to download a special Mew. It is Level 50. After that, from August 1st through August 20th, you'll also be able to get a serial code to download Ash's Charizard (Level 40), Soji's Lucario (Level 40) or Makoto's Piplup (Level 30). These are all based on Pokémon from the new movie, Pokémon I Choose You. No further details have been announced for the Pokémon

Pokémon Comaster

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Pokkén Tournament DX

The Pokémon Company have put out two brand new trailers for Pokkén Tournament DX. These trailers are overview trailers with one providing an overview of the game and its mechanics and another showcasing all the new features of the game. In the trailer, it showcases a replay mode where you can view all the inputs being pressed for the moves. We also have confirmation that you can do same Switch multiplayer without resorting to Split-Screen. Little other brand new information was revealed in these trailers but they have been added to our pre-release video section. Click the image to go to the section

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