Tuesday: Pokémon GO - Kanto Week + Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle Competition + Pokémon Shuffle Events

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

Following the reveal in the newsletter this weekend, it has been confirmed that a special Kanto focused event is to start in Pokémon GO later today. This event, Kanto Week, runs until April 17th and has Kanto Pokémon including Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu & more appear in greater numbers than usual and Snorlax & Aerodactyl return as Raid Bosses. During this, all Pokémon Candy you receive when Transferring Pokémon or capturing Pokémon will be doubled. In addition to this, Special Boxes will go on sale including bundles on Premium Raid Passes. The intent of this event is to help people get their Silver & Gold Kanto Medals to aid towards the hunt for the Mythical Pokémon, Mew
Edit @ 16:02: Goes live at 20:00 UTC tonight
Edit @ 21:00: It is now live. Kanto spawns have increased but, unlike the Hoenn event earlier this year, aren't exclusively what spawn. Buddy distance is also halved for the duration of the event. The special boxes are as follows:
Special Box: 6 Premium Raid Passes, 10 Pinap Berrys, 4 Lure Modules - 480 Coins
Great Box: 6 Incense, 6 Lucky Egg, 12 Premium Raid Passes, 16 Pinap Berry - 780 Coins
Ultra Box: 12 Lucky Eggs, 24 Premium Raid Passes, 14 Star Pieces, 10 Lure Modules - 1480 Coins

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - Battle Competition

Details for the next Battle Competition have been announced. This is the Ultra Kalos Classic competition. This is a Single Battle competition where players can only use Pokémon from the Kalos Pokédex and prohibits use of Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Mewtwo, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, Alolan Forms and Ash-Greninja. No Z-Crystals can be used. All Pokémon will be raised to Level 50 for the duration of the competition. Registration runs from April 19th 2018 to April 26th 2018. Battles will run from April 27th through April 29th. All entrants will get the 50 Battle Points. Special Download Rules are now available for this competition and our Battle Competition page has been update to list all eligible Pokémon

Pokémon Shuffle

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Pokémon Shuffle - Events

Pokémon Shuffle has begun Week 9 of its event cycle. This cycle continues the Escalation Battle from last week as well as the following stages that will run for a week
The Ultra Challenge Stage is a stage for Pheromosa
The Great Challenge Stages are Gyarados, Shiny Metagross, Noivern, Passimian & Minior
The Daily Pokémon are Oricorio Pom-Pom Style, Wishiwashi, Komala, Fomantis, Torracat
There's a One Chance Per Day stage for Pinsir
There's a Competitive stage for Mega Gyarados
In addition to this, there's a Pokémon Safari featuring Salandit, Alolan Geodude, Roggenrola, Alolan Graveler, Boldore, Rockruff, Mareanie, Togedemaru, Alolan Golem & Gigalith, which will run for two weeks.

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