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30-01-2019 17:16 GMT / 12:16 EST by Serebii

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As time has progressed, the databases have got larger and more numerous. With each Generation having its own Pokédex, plus the Anime Pokédex, Card Pokédex and even the newly added Cinematic Pokédex, it could be easy to get a bit lost. For this, the new Pokédex Hub has been created. The hub has a page for each Pokémon, with easy to remember links, giving basic information for the species and then allowing for navigation through to whichever section you need. In addition to this, the hub section will be used for links to Pokémon that don't need to go to a specific database allowing it to truly become the hub for that Pokémon. Further spin-off database connectivity will be added as time progresses. To check it out, click the image or this link

Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has now opened PokéStop Submissions for Level 40 players within the country of Aregentina. This follows on from re-opening it earlier this month after having to take it down due to a bug. Further countries in the rollout have yet to be announced

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