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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

Niantic have announced further details for the Throwback Challenge 2020 Champion Research. In addition to the research unlocked for completing the Timed Research, you'll also get the chance to purchase a ticket for the Special Research, the Celebration research, allowing players who couldn't complete the Timed Research to get the rewards that exist in the Special Research unlocked by completing the Timed Research
It gives Galarian Meowth & Stunfisk
It has encounters with Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Audino, Darumaka, Gothita, and Genesect
It gives Professor Willow's glasses.
If you have the Champion Research for doing all the Timed Research and purchase the ticket, you'll get 10 Candies for Pokémon encounters and Stardust instead of Professor Willow's Glasses.
The Ticketed Special Research will cost £7.99/$7.99/€8.99/980¥

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