Wild Area?: No
North Exit: Slippery Slope
South Exit: Frostpoint Field

Freezington is the only settlement within The Crown Tundra. It is filled with people who have a legend of the King of Bountiful Harvest.

Available Weather
Normal Weather, Overcast, Snowing, Snowstorm, Intense Sun, Fog

This area is only available for players who purchased the Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass


Wild Pokémon

AnchorsGift Pokémon

Gift Pokémon

After getting Calyrex


Legendary Clue 1From Peony
Legendary Clue 2From Peony
Legendary Clue 3From Peony
Master BallFrom Peony
Exp. Candy SHidden behind Mayor's House
TR73By tree behind mayor's house
Blunder PolicyBehind house
TR17By tree behind house
Wooden CrownFrom Peony
White Mane HairLeft behind after battling Glastrier
Black Mane HairLeft behind after battling Glastrier
Radiant PetalFrom Calyrex
Reins of UnityFrom Peony after taking the Mane and Radiant Petal to the mayor
Legendary ClueOn Peony's doormat after completing the three other clues
Exp. Candy SFrom Sonia after collecting Cobalion10
Exp. Candy MFrom Sonia after collecting the second Legendary10
Exp. Candy LFrom Sonia after collecting the third Legendary10
Utility UmbrellaIn carrot patch by north exit
NuggetHidden in crate by carrot patch by north exit
Exp. Candy SHidden in bushes
Wishing PieceHidden by spade next to Peony's house
Large LeekHidden by carrot patch in middle
Energy RootHidden under tree
CharcoalBehind carrot patch by house. Requires access from fields to get it
Bottle CapBy tree next to Southwesternmost house

Sword & Shield - Shops

Poke Ball200
Great Ball600
Ultra Ball800
Moomoo Milk600
Lava Cookie350
Tin of Beans400
Big Pearl8000