Dendemille Town

North Exit: Frost Cavern
East Exit: Route 17
West Exit: Route 15

Dendemille Town is a rural town to the north-east of Kalos and is notable for having a windmill in it. This town has cold brisk air and has been known to see snow.

Move Reminder & Deleter
The Move Deleter and Move Relearner are found in the house south-east of the windmill. The Move Deleter will remove moves freely, but the Move Relearner charges you one Heart Scale per move.

Flyable to?: Yes
Dendemille Town

Items - X & Y

Big RootIn farm area
Shell BellBy man in house north east of windmill
Leppa BerryBy girl if you have the TM for Will O Wisp
  TM42From youngster in house southwest of Windmill
Sitrus BerryFrom girl in Pokémon Center
Heal BallIn bush outside Pokémon Center - Dowsing Machine
NuggetIn farming area next to easten exit - Dowsing Machine
X SpeedNext to northwestern house - Dowsing Machine
Leppa BerryShow girl in house southwest of windmill False Swipe


Poke Ball200
Great Ball600
Ultra Ball1200
Super Potion600
Hyper Potion1200
Max Potion2500
Full Restore3000
Paralyze Heal200
Burn Heal250
Ice Heal250
Full Heal600
Escape Rope550
Super Repel500
Max Repel700