Founded: 8th November 1995
Tokyo, Japan

Creatures Inc. is a company that spun off from Ape Inc, the developers of the popular video game Earthbound. Set up in 1995, they became a gaming studio but also have a few different elements. First, they are most well known for the creation and continual release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. In addition to that, Creatures Inc. includes a studio known as the Pokémon CG Studio. This studio focuses on the 3D modelling and animation of the Pokémon models in all Pokémon games; main series and otherwise. Finally, in addition to that, they will also develop their own Pokémon spin-off titles and various non-Pokémon titles

Creatures has developed 14 Pokémon Games in total.

List of Pokémon Games Developed by Creatures

GamePlatformFirst Release
Pokémon Trading Card GameGame Boy ColorDecember 18th 1998
Pokémon Card GB 2: Here Comes Team Great RocketGame Boy ColorMarch 28th 2001
Pokémon RangerNintendo DSMarch 23rd 2006
Pokémon Ranger Shadows of AlmiaNintendo DSMarch 20th 2008
Pokémon Ranger Guardian SignsNintendo DSMarch 6th 2010
PokéPark Wii Pikachu's AdventureWiiDecember 5th 2009
Pokédex 3DNintendo 3DSJune 17th 2011
Pokédex 3D ProNintendo 3DSJuly 14th 2012
Pokémon Dream RadarNintendo 3DSJune 23rd 2012
PokéPark 2 Wonders BeyondWiiNovember 12th 2011
Detective Pikachu Birth of a New DuoNintendo 3DSFebruary 3rd 2016
Detective PikachuNintendo 3DSFebruary 3rd 2016
Detective Pikachu ReturnsNintendo SwitchOctober 6th 2023
Pokémon TCG PocketiOS, Android2024