Ursaring, The Hibernation Pokémon. With its ability to distinguish any aroma, it unfailingly finds all food buried deep underground. Although it is a good climber, it prefers to snap trees with its forelegs and eat fallen berries. In its territory, it leaves scratches on trees that bear delicious berries or fruits. In forests, it is said that there are many streams and towering trees where an Ursaring gathers food. It walks through its forest collecting food every day.


On paper, Ursaring is amazing. That obscene Attack stat with Swords Dance and two great abilities as well as a good physical movepool. However, Ursaring's low Speed and general frailness make it less effective than it originally seemed. This doesn't mean Ursaring is bad though. In the lower tiers, that Attack will tear everything to pieces.


Guts: 130 base Attack and Swords Dance not enough for you? Say hello to even more Attack power!

Quick Feet: 55 base Speed not good enough for you? Nope, me either. This pretty much makes Ursaring a beast, but it can't just be slapped on, it has to have a set built around it.

Move Sets


- Return / Body Slam
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Fire Punch
Item Attached: Choice Band
Ability: Guts
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

Return has amazing power when combined with Choice Band and that already massive Attack. It has 100% accuracy and great base attack. However, Body Slam can be used if you like the idea of paralyzing stuff that used to outrun Ursaring. Earthquake totally wrecks Steel types, which would switch in to absorb Return. Crunch ruins Ghosts and Psychics that may switch into Ursaring for whatever reason, and Fire Punch sorts out any Steels that aren't on the ground.

Swords Dance

- Swords Dance
- Return / Body Slam
- Earthquake
- Fire Punch
Item Attached: Leftovers
Ability: Guts
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

Swords Dance makes Ursaring disgustingly scary. That already ridiculous Attack is rocketed sky high with one move. Return or Body Slam depends on whether you want to paralyze or have more power. Earthquake murders Steel types and is a power move in general. Fire Punch smashes any Steels not hit by Earthquake, and also hits any other Pokémon that resist both Normal and Ground moves.

Hibernating Powerhouse

- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Body Slam / Return
- Earthquake / Fire Punch / Hammer Arm
Item Attached: Leftovers
Ability: Guts
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

Rest and Sleep Talk make Ursaring a threat that can heal itself. Beastly. Sleep activates Guts so now you are working with Choice Banded power. Body Slam or Return, go with whatever you want depending on your needs. Earthquake hits grounded Steels, Fire Punch hits everything with no immunities when paired with a Normal move, Hammer Arm is an option for hurting all Steels, not just grounded ones. Each move comes with advantages but leaves Ursaring with a weakness. So... pick your poison.

Those Speedy Feet

- Swords Dance
- Facade
- Earthquake / Close Combat
- Crunch
Item Attached: Toxic Orb
Ability: Quick Feet
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

An Ursaring set that is fast? Well, fast-ish. 343 isn't that bad, especially when you factor in Ursaring's massive Attack and the fact he is in the lower tiers. Swords Dance boosts the Attack, makes Ursaring awesome, beastly, etc. Facade is the real gem on this set, as it has obscene power when combined with Swords Dance. Pretty much everything will just die. Earthquake murders grounded Steels, whereas Close Combat hits them all, just at the cost of Defence and Special Defence. Crunch destroys any Ghosts that thing they can safely take a Facade.

EVs and Nature:

Go with max HP and max Attack if using Guts, but if you want to go with Quick Feet, max Speed and Attack and use Jolly if you want to. There isn't a point of using Quick Feet unless you are fast originally.

Swords Dance
This set is about damage and survival, hence max HP and max Speed. Guts is preferred on this set as Quick Feet won't stop the Attack decrease from burn.

Hibernating powerhouse
Uh... hit hard and survive? 252 HP 252 Attack. No reason for anything else..

Those Speedy Feet
252 Attack 252 Speed, Jolly. This lets it hit 343 Speed, which outruns positive max Speed base 105s, and comes close to outrunning Infernape. .

Other Options

Aerial Ace, Bulk Up, Cross Chop, Double-edge, Focus Punch, Night Slash, Payback, Stone Edge, Superpower, Thunderpunch

Aerial Ace kills Breloom and Heracross.

Bulk Up is another choice for boosting Attack.

Cross Chop is an inaccurate Fighting move with the higher chance of a crit.

Double-edge has massive power but the recoil is gonna be pretty tough to deal with.

Focus Punch is another Fighting move, but used more effectively in tandem with Substitute or amazing prediction.

Night Slash is a high crit move, an option over Crunch.

Payback is another option for a Dark move, getting 100 base power when Ursaring takes damage already that turn.

Stone Edge wrecks Flying types if you wanted another physical attack.

Superpower is a different Fighting attack that is a poor version of Close Combat.

Thunderpunch if you really hate Gyarados that much.

Countering Ursaring

Ursaring has amazing power, so it is hard to switch in safely. However, it does have its counters. Steel types like Steelix, Registeel and Aggron can take Return all day, as long as it isn't boosted too much, and hit it back with a STAB move. Just watch out for Earthquake and Fire Punch. Bulky Ground types like Donphan and Swampert, those kind of Pokémon, all take hits well due to natural physical bulk. However, a boosted Return will hurt them if not KO them outright. Ghosts such as Rotom, Spiritomb and Dusknoir can all take Ursaring on due to good bulk and immunity to Normal. Just make sure you know what set it is before throwing out a Will-o-wisp, and avoid Crunch at all costs. Rock types also enjoy switching into Return, but die to Close Combat and Earthquake. Regirock and Rhyperior are two good choices. Due to Ursaring's low Speed, revenge killing is a perfectly valid strategy. After Ursaring takes something out, ruin him with a fast Fighting move. Hitmontop really deserves a mention as well. Intimidate can mess with Ursaring, but a Technician boosted Life Orb Mach Punch will be laying the hurt on Ursaring.

Locations in Games


Trade from ECXD (RS) Evolve Teddiursa (E)


Snagged from Sangem Grunt Agrev in Snagem Hideout (Col) Evolve Teddiursa (XD)

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Trade from ECXD


Route 216, Route 217, Lake Acuity Lakefront


Trade from DPtSS (HG) Route 28, Mt. Silver, Victory Road (SS)

Animé Appearences

Ursaring has had a few Animé Appearences. Usually, a group of them are seen rampaging in a forest. However, later, Paul captured one in Sinnoh and it became one of the main Pokémon in his squad and was used in many battles.

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Episode 261: Entei at Your Own Risk
Episode 268: A Claim to Flame!
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Episode 336: Delcatty Got Your Tongue!
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Episode 628: A Marathon Rivalry!

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