Hitmonchan, The Punching Pokémon. Its punches are capable of being used in a similar fashion as a drill. It can punch at very fast speed and tales a break every 3 minutes of solid punching. Its Punches Slice through the air at such an high speed, a graze will really burn. To increase strength of it's hits, it spins its arms just before impact.

Battle Moveset

The best Moveset for Hitmonchan would have to be this:


Sky Uppercut
Focus Punch

Items Attached:

Choice Band

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Hitmonchan

Now, we move onto a very unbalanced pokemon in Hitmonchan. Given its type and name, you would expect a hard hitting pokemon, and you would not be very far off the mark either. It's attack can go into the 340s, and any stat in the 340s is usually a good sign. Sky Uppercut is easily the best fighting move avalable to hitmonchan that is a "sure hit" (I usually generalize these moves as having 85% accuracy or higher.) Focus punch may be the move that makes you double take. I know I have probably said before to some of you in e-mails, and even at the forum, that having two attack moves of the same type is a cardinal sin when wantign to give a pokemon a set. Now, while this holds true most of the time, there are exceptions to this rule. Focus Punch is quite different than Sky Uppercut in the sense it deals a LOAD of damage and it could quite possibly KO on the switch in, which is exactly what it is sued for. If you believe there is a chance of a switch that is truly your best bet.
Earthquake and Return are your basic moves for a physical attacker, which Hitmonchan obviously is. Earthquake is a given becuse of its great base power of 100, 100% accuracy, and covers a lot of common types. Return is about as powerful as earthquake when your happiness is maxed out and it covers the loose ends of the other moves, mainly flying types. Choice Band was a hard choice as an item, because I had originally had agility to help it with its speed problems. But I figured Chan needed to be more of a hit on the switch type of pokemon. I'll be honest with you, you should NEVER try to engage into a 1 on 1 fight with anything faster than yourself, his defenses can simply not take it. Use type advantages and predictions to your advantage with this one, because if you guess wrong, you could get burned.
Adamant is the most clear choice, he has 4 physical attacks so an attack boost is great, and has no special attacks so there is no need whatsoever for special attack

EV Corner: For those who know about EVs, here is a little something for you. If you can't be bothered with them or have no idea what I am talking about, don't fret, this is in no way required, this is simply extra. Train your EVs to get as much Attack and Speed as possible, thats basically it, all your other stats are secondy compared to those two. He isn't very fast at max, no need to give him near the bottom of his EV scale and make him even slower.

If you have complaints about this set and description please e-mail me at sirchristheknight@yahoo.com, thanks!

Strategy Against Hitmonchan

Best bet here is to try to challenge Hitmonchan 1 on 1, and get it to try to take a hit, which it will fail miserably at doing. A good choice would be use something that it would normally be strong against, like a rock type, and give it aerial ace or something. Speed is very important at taking out Hitmonchan, if you are slower you wil be in alot of trouble, I can garuntee this to you. Just keep your speed up and avoid Chan

Contest Moveset

The best Moveset for Hitmonchan would have to be this for the Cool Contest best with Lonely, Adament, Naughty or Brave Nature:


Sky Uppercut
Thunder Punch
Brick Break

Items Attached:

Red Scarf

Strategy Using Hitmonchan

All these attacks are high scoring and should win it for you

Locations in Games


Trade From FR/LG


Trade From FR/LG

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Saffron City Fighting Dojo

Animé Appearences

Hitmonchan has had many Animé Appearence, most are cameos so I'll list the non-cameos. First a trainer, Anthony used Hitmonchan in the P1 Grand Prix. After That it was used by one of the Yas Gym Members in Dark City. After that it was used by Bruno in a battle on TV. After that it was in a stage show about Pokémon Talking. After that it was owned by the Karatae King who wanted to capture a Tyrogue. Then it was used by the Fighting Brothers who have a Vendetta against Misty

Episode 029: The Punchy Pokémon
Episode 042: Showdown At Dark City
Episode 045: The Song Of Jigglypuff
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Episode 088: Pikachu Re-volts
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Episode 105: Misty Meets Her Match
Movie 2: The Power Of One!
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Special 5: Revenge Match At Cerulean Gym

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