Shop & Currencies

As with many Pokémon games, there is a shop in the game. These let you purchase packs, booster packs and more using the various in-game currencies you earn by playing the game. This game does not have any microtransactions.

List of Currencies

PictureNameFunctionMethod of Obtaining
CoinCoinPurchase Avatar and Deck ItemsComplete quests, Battle Pass or exchange Crystals
CrystalCrystalPurchase Booster Packs and Bundles in the shopComplete quests, Battle Pass or Level Up
CreditCreditExchange for cards in the deck editorObtained for the 5th copy of a card in your collection or through Battle Pass and levelling up


The first option for the shop is the bundles. These will offer a variety of cards as well as booster packs for a collection of gems. These items are always rotating with new options available.



The next option allows you to buy Booster Packs for the various sets. You have the ability to change the specific set tha t you are buying and can purchase them in 1, 3 or 6 bundles.

These booster packs contain less cards than those redeeemed from code cards in real life pokémon Trading Card Game packs, offering just 5 cards per pack.

Puzzle Powers


The final option is the ability to redeem codes from code cards found in Pokémon Trading Card Game products. This can only be done on Android and PC, with iOS requiring you to redeem the codes on the official website..

When you redeem the codes, you can open the packs and the cards are added to your collection or exchanged for credits.

Puzzle Powers