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It's a beautiful and foggy morning in the forests of Hoenn. On top of a large hill is a lighthouse that overlooks the entire area. At the top a small boy is polishing a stone. He suddenly hears a noise behind him and turns to see Team Rocket. Meowth demands that he hand over the stone, but the boy refuses. Jessie and James say he doesn't have a choice and grab him. The boy tries to scream but they place a sticker with a red X over his mouth and tie him up. After throwing him aside, Meowth grabs the stone and the three do a happy dance. They then leap into the balloon and float away.

The boy's older sister happily walks up the stairs. What she sees when she reaches the top is her brother struggling on the ground. She unties him and asks what happened. The boy frightfully cries out that the lighthouse stone, the source of light for the surrounding area, has been stolen!

Meanwhile, Ash and co are now traveling up a steep mountain cliff. The fog is very thick and May is a bit scared. Brock agrees and says they should make camp till it clears. Ash however, doesn't want to let the fog get the better of them and proceeds to head on. He then gets his foot caught in a root and trips into a puddle. Everyone laughs as he lies there stunned. The group takes a break in the forest so Ash's clothes can dry. Ash is a little perturbed by his fall, and he mopes on a rock. Max checks the Pokenav to see that the only way to Mauville is through these woods, so they'll have to head through the fog sooner or later. Ash suddenly hears a familiar voice.

Team Rocket is now floating through the fog in their balloon. Meowth wonders what kind of affect the stone will have on electric types and the three suddenly hear Pikachu. Jessie exclaims that she could have sworn she just heard Pikachu and James says he did as well. They look through the fog to see that their balloon is passing by a cliff. On this cliff are Ash and the others.

Ash gets up and asks why they are here. Jessie exclaims that they didn't come for Pikachu, and Meowth cuts in exclaiming that they might as well steal it now that they are here. James releases Cacnea and tells it to use pin missile. The attack heads straight for Ash and co, but Ash has Pikachu use iron tail. It strikes the barbs and deflects them back at Team Rocket. Their balloon blows back and the stone falls out. Pikachu leaps on it and uses thunderbolt. The attack strikes the balloon while causing the stone to glow. The balloon then pops and Team Rockets falls down the cliff and into the river below.

Ash and co's celebration is short-lived when they notice the glowing stone. Pikachu leaps off of it and it stops. Ash picks it up and exclaims that it is no ordinary stone. Suddenly, the brother and sister from before rush up. The girl calls Ash and thief and tells him to drop the stone as her brother stays quiet. Ash says he didn't steal anything, but she still doesn't believe him. She calls out a Magnemite and Ash has Pikachu quick attack it. To the girl's surprise, it is KO'd in one hit.

She looks at her brother Kazuchi and tells him they have to retrieve the stone. He begins to say that they don't look like the thieves, but she pressures him so much that he pulls out two Pokeballs. He tosses them and a Plusle and Minun appear. Ash and May step up and scan them with their Pokedexes. Kazuchi tells his Pokemon to use helping hand. They rush to Magnemite and begin to charge up electricity. Ash and May wonder what they are doing when they touch tails. Lightning emits from them and launches into the sky. After some time it falls back to the earth and revitalizes Magnemite.

Magnemite launches a thunderbolt at Ash and co just missing them. Ash yells for the girl to cut it out and Brock waves his hands, exclaiming that he wants a truce. The girl says they want the stone and will do whatever it takes to retrieve it. Ash looks down at it and realizes that he's holding it. He walks up and hands it to her and the girl apologizes.

As they do, Team Rocket appears from the cliff. They are battered and bruised but still demand the stone. Ash and co refuse and the team lunges. Kazuchi holds on to his sister, exclaiming that they are the ones who took the stone. Ash steps up and has Pikachu use thunderbolt sending them blasting off. Kazuchi is in awe at Ash and Pikachu. After, Ash hands the stone back to the girl. She apologizes again for what happened and introduces herself as Izuna. May, Max, and Brock introduce themselves also and Ash asks what the stone is for.

Izuna takes the group to the lighthouse. There she places the stone back into the pedestal. She then begins to explain what it is. She begins by explaining that the surrounding forest is always thick with fog and the only way for travelers to get through it is to light the way with the lighthouse. She then explains that the stone has been the source of light for centuries. Ash asks how it works and Izuna has Plusle and Minun show him. The two leap onto the pedestal and touch the stone. It begins to light up. She explains that electric Pokemon have the power to charge the stone.

Izuna comments that the group seems to be very fond of Pokemon. Brock blushes and begins to flirt but Max reminds him that she was referring to Ash. May then remarks that Ash must be cold up here. He gets the chills and sneezes exclaiming that he is a bit. He then remembers his vest and pulls it out. It seems to be dry so he puts it back on. At this, Kazuchi goes insane with excitement. He exclaims that Ash must be the one. Izuna isn't so sure but Kazuchi says he matches it perfectly. Ash is confused.

Izuna and Kazuchi show Ash and co a small inscription on the pedestal. They explain that it states that one day the stone will fall under attack and a mysterious boy in blue with a Pikachu will cease the attack. Kazuchi adds in that the person will teach the stone's protector how to defend himself, and in doing so, the protector will dispend whatever evil befalls it. Izuna tells him not to get his hopes up, but Kazuchi insists that Ash is the one. He grabs Ash by the arms and asks if he will teach him. Ash is nervous, but says he'll try. May and Max are shocked.

Kazuchi leads the group through the forest. He explains to them that he has to tell everyone in the town about this. Izuna sighs and apologizes to Ash for what is happening. Ash doesn't seem to mind. Izuna explains that when Kazuchi gets something in his mind, it's very hard for him to give it up. May smiles and says he must be a determined kid. Max thinks they are wasting their time. Ash is starting to get excited.

The group makes it to a small town where Kazuchi declares that they have found the one. The townspeople begin to look at him and an old man appears from a nearby door. He asks what's going on and Izuna whispers into his ear. The old man happily declares that Kazuchi should invite his mentor for lunch. Kazuchi does so and adds in that May and the others can stay too. Brock begins to flirt with Izuna.

Ash sits on the back porch sipping tea when Kazuchi and his Pokemon approach. He nervously explains that he would like to be more like Ash, and asks if he can teach him to be a confident trainer. Ash looks at Izuna. She nods signaling for him to go along with it. Ash agrees and Kazuchi, Plusle, and Minun jump for joy. Izuna seems happy that her brother is. Ash begins by explaining the basics of calling on your Pokemon. He shows off his battle smile and has Kazuchi do the same. He doesn't do it the best, and Ash shows it off more while Pikachu leaps up smiling. Kazuchi does it again and his Pokemon leap up.

Ash then moves on to lesson 2. He teaches Kazuchi some battle poses and they both begin to run around the field. Max and May laugh at this, and Izuna is happy to see her brother working so hard. She explains that he used to always cower in the lighthouse unconfidently even when Plusle and Minun tried to bring his spirits up. She then notices the fog is starting to come in bad and the lighthouse needs to be lit up. She rushes off. Ash tells Kazuchi that it's time to use what he learned, so they follow.

At the lighthouse, Izuna has Magnemite charge up the stone. As Ash and Kazuchi approach, a giant Zapdos robot appears through the fog. Team Rocket emerges on top of the head and say their motto. They then leap inside and explain how they aren't giving up their chances at the stone. James tells Meowth to get on with it and he presses a switch. Two saws appear from the Zapdos and begin to chop away at the top of the lighthouse. It ends up falling off and exposing Izuna and the stone. The top lands in front of Ash and Kazuchi who back away.

Izuna tells Magnemite to shock the robot, but it isn't affected. Meowth presses another switch and two hands emerge. One grabs the startled Magnemite and the other grabs the stone. Ash and Kazuchi make it to the top just after. Pikachu also tries to shock it, but nothing happens. Izuna turns to Kazuchi and tells him to try. Kazuchi tells Plusle and Minun to power Pikachu up with helping hand. Izuna stops him, exclaiming that he needs to learn to battle himself instead of powering up others to do it for him. Kazuchi knows this, but he becomes nervous and a hand nabs Pikachu. Brock and the others approach just as it happens.

Pikachu tires to shock the hand, but nothing happens. Jessie comments that with Pikachu they don't need Magnemite. Meowth agrees and presses a button. The hand tosses it away and Izuna catches it. Team Rocket then laughs and begins to fly away. Ash calls out as they disappear into the fog. Kazuchi falls to the ground moping. He is mad at himself for letting them get away with Pikachu. Plusle and Minun try to console him. Ash then says it wasn't his fault and they'll get Pikachu and the stone back. He leaps up and calls out into the fog, telling Pikachu to thunderbolt the stone to show them where it is. Kazuchi doesn't think it'll be able to hear him. Brock cuts in. He explains that though they may be apart, Ash and Pikachu share a special bond, and it will hear him.

Ash calls out again, and Pikachu hears him. It begins to thunderbolt the stone, lighting it up. Ash sees it and begins to rush off. As he passes Kazuchi, he exclaims that now's his chance to prove the inscription right. Kazuchi nods and follows. Team Rocket sit outside the robot having a victory feast. The stone stops glowing and Pikachu shocks it again. It is beginning to tire and Jessie laughs. She says it's just wasting energy and Meowth and James remark that Ash and co will never find them.

Suddenly, Ash and co appear next to them. Izuna demands they hand the stone over, but Team Rocket refuses and retreats to the Zapdos mecha. They begin to take off, but Kazuchi has Plusle and Minun shock it. They touch tails and release a massive thunder, but the mecha isn't affected. Team Rocket laughs inside. Suddenly, Brock notices Pikachu is glowing. Everyone realizes that the attack is charging it up. Pikachu releases a massive thunder frying the bot. The hands let it and the stone go. Ash catches Pikachu while Izuna catches the stone. The Zapdos bot falls to earth frying. Jessie yells that it isn't fair and Meowth remarks that Pikachu always ruins everything. The mecha crashes and Kazuchi tells his Pokemon to charge each other up. They face each other and use thunderbolt. Once they gather enough energy, they race at the mecha and smash into it, sending Team Rocket blasting off as the mecha explodes.

The smoke clears and Plusle and Minun leap back to Kazuchi. Izuna congratulates him and May says he could be a great trainer. Max adds in that using Plusle and Minun's in combination was great. Kazuchi thanks them and congratulates his Pokemon. They happily smile.

With the stone back in place, Ash and co say their goodbyes to the siblings. Kazuchi comments that the inscription was right, and Ash is now his mentor. Ash laughs embarrassedly as May grins back. Brock begins to flirt with Izuna, but Max pulls him away. Ash and May say goodbye to the siblings and begin to head off. They wave to each other, and Plusle and Minun call out as the scene rises.

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