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The gang is just one city away from Olivine. Ash calls Jenina, Jasmine's Apprentice, to tell her that he's coming back to Olivine City. The gang heads out for the port, but it looks like again there's no ferry for a long while back to Olivine. Ash notices a old man fishing on the pier and asks him when the next ferry will come by. The response was obviously a no, but he does mention that there is a airport that'll take them to Olivine City. The gang decides on if they should go over there, but why not? Ash turns around to thank the old man, but oddly he's missing, or running off somewhere.
They get to the airport, which looks more like an abandoned airstrip. They check out the hanger, when an old pilot comes out of the door. They recognize that he was that fisherman from before. Of course, he'll give them a ride to Olivine City, but first a few things before they leave. The old pilot starts feeding a few Sandshrews in a barn, which there's a lot more Pokemon to feed. Then he just talks about his Hoothoot that he raised when he was younger. Except while he was talking, the gang was doing most of the work. They just wanted to get to Olivine as fast as they could.
So finally they got on board the plane, which seems a little shabby, but it works. In the cockpit's co-pilot seat was a sleeping Noctowl, which was really the old pilot's Hoothoot. It seems now the Noctowl doesn't do much, but sooner or later it wakes up. The old man tries to start up the plane, but the plane needs some refueling. Either way they take off and head back to Olivine.
After awhile in flight, a storm builds up. Of course, the old man still goes on course, thinking that he could outride any storm. But a little ways away was Team Rocket in their balloon. They seem to have trouble themselves and don't think they can handle the storm. Then they see the plane and start yelling for help. Ash notices Team Rocket's voices outside and looks back. The question would be, help them or not? In the end they help Team Rocket on to the plane, only under one condition, they have to say a bunch of "I know this was wrong" lines. Then Wobuffet comes out and makes a hole in the plane. James still has a hold of the plane but everyone else is holding onto him.
The storm gets worse and soon one of the engines start to come off. If this happens then they'll crash right into the ocean. So Ash opens up the door and jumps out onto the side and climbs up to the top. He has a little trouble holding on so Brock sends out Crobat to help Ash. After Ash gets in a stable place, he sends out Bulbasuar to hold onto the loose engine. Now the other engine starts to come off, so Ash sends out Bayleef to hold that one in place. A while away from the plane, Jigglypuff floats by. Jigglypuff starts to head over to the plane. Just as things seem to get better, James spots Jigglypuff on the wing. Everyone starts to panic, except for the old man. Before anyone could stop Jigglypuff, she sings. Everyone falls asleep and as always, Jigglypuff gets angry, but before she could do anything, she gets picked up by another gust of wind.
Ash wakes up first, then everyone else, but without much control, the plane is headed straight for the ocean! The old man starts to go against the decent but the plane can shake it. Misty calls out Poliwhirl and Staryu, getting into good posistions and they squirt a water gun to the ocean, which picks them back up and into the sky. The storm grows progressively worse, now lightning starts to form up. At that minute, the Noctowl wakes up and then flies around the plane with a rope making a secure wrap around it and tugging it. Ash releases his Noctowl to help out the other one. In the back however, Team Rocket starts a little planning on how to get Pikachu, but is cut short when Wobuffet again pops out, making the cover of the hole break through.
The lightning now is a little too close for comfort. Brock says that Pikachu's electricty can act as a lightning rod, in a sense. So Pikachu climbes up to the top of the plane and releases a Thunderbolt in the sky, which attracts the lightning to that spot. Soon all the lightning becomes unstable and explodes in the sky in a flash of light. After that, the old man seems to see a light shining in the distance, except it's level and their still in the air... or are they? He immediately pulls the plane upwards now noticing the plane is way too near the cliff near Olivine. They clear the cliff and they are now back to the Johto mainland

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225: Fly Proud Hoothoot! Aim for Olivine


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Wings Alexander

Pikachu Bulbasaur Bayleef Noctowl
Poliwhirl Staryu Togepi
Magnemite Ampharos
Wings Alexander:
Hoothoot Noctowl
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Jigglypuff Rattata Sandshrew Nidoking Machoke Parasect Bellsprout Weepinbell Ponyta Doduo Onix Tangela Scyther

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