I Love These Lazy Thursdays
- 2-28-2002-15:44-EDT - Serebii

Nothing much happens Mid-week...:

In The Anime Department

New Episode Titles from 4Kids

There are two new Titles for Episodes from 4Kids so Here they are, I will add them to the sections When I have time.

194: The Ring Masters
195: The Poké-Spokesperson

In The Smash Bros Melee Department

Ganondorf BIOs

Continuing with the BIOs for Zelda Characters, Today's is Ganondorf. Tomorrow will be Young Link, then we will move onto the Pokémon

Well Thats all for today. See Ya

SPP Script + Smash Bros Melee
- 2-27-2002-15:22-EDT - Serebii

I recently finished working on the 1st version of SPP Script see that later on:

In The Anime Department


There's a new NextOn pic from the penultimate Orange League ep

Episode 115: A Tents Situation

In The Smash Bros Melee Department

Ending in Classic

Yesterday I forgot to upload the Classic Ending Pictures so here they are

Classic Ending Shots

Zelda/Sheik BIOs

Lugia Managed to send me the pics for today's BIOs, tomorrow or Friday we should be doing one of the following, Ganondorf, Young Link, Mewtwo or Mr. Game & Watch

In The Main Site Department

SPP Script

Well SPP Script is ready to be downloaded. This is a replacement for mIRC and for the JavaChatroom but they can still be used to get there. Once downloaded and Un-Zipped open the file mirc.exe and you will be home free

Download it here

Well Thats all for today. See Ya

Lazy Day
- 2-26-2002-16:12-EDT - Serebii

Well, Lugia hasnt given me the Sheik/Zelda pics yet so the BIOs aren't ready yet and there hasnt really been much to report:

In The Anime Department

Episode Guide

Mozz and SpinaZak managed to translate a guide for yet another future episode. You may think I am ditching Xeno Lugia but I am not. When his station gets this far, I will record which will be best to stay up

Episode 237: Piloswine And the Pryce of Winter

In The Smash Bros Melee Department

Items In Melee

After doing the Pokémon I thought the most logical course of action is to do an Items List. So here it is

Items In Melee

Well Thats all for today. See Ya

Anime and Smash Bros
- 2-25-2002-11:55-EDT - Serebii

Did some extra work last night on the Super Smash Bros Melee stuff:

In The Anime Department

Character BIOs

Yet Again I have done 6 More Character BIOs featuring people from eps both English and Japanese so lets see what they are:

Eru & Risa
Old Man Shuckle
Hoothoot Airlines Pilot

Winter Vacations

Yesterday, I asked Mozz to write me a guide for Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2000 and he did. They are good synopsis for something so short

Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2

In The Smash Bros Melee Department

Smash Bros Melee Ending Shots

Today's Ending Shots are from the ending once you beat Allstar Mode with these Particular Characters.

Allstar Ending Shots

Pokémon In Melee

Well, yesterday morning after writing yesterday's update I thought to myself, why havent you done a list of all the Pokémon in Melee and what do they do, So I went ahead and made it.

Pokémon In Melee

Character Pages

I've been planning this bit for a while but thanks to Pic getting Pal Lugia, I managed to succeed in my Vision. He got me pictures of Link today. Each Day for the Next Month or so I will bring a new Character Page. Tomorrow (or Wednesday If I dont See Lugia) I will bring the Zelda and the Sheik BIOs

Well Thats all for today. See Ya

Anime, TCG and Smash Bros
- 2-24-2002-04:40-EDT - Serebii

Alot of Stuff always crops up on Saturday nights. Well Lets get down to it shall we:

In The Anime Department

Episode Guides

Xeno Lugia has written another guide for us. This is the episode that features both Suicune and Eusine:

Episode 227: Suicune and Eusine! The Legend of Ho-oh!

Character BIOs

Again I have done some more Character BIOs, most of these people have been in English episodes. The first two are from the Raikou Special:

Kenta's Rival
Santa Claus (No Joke)

Episode Titles

Hold the Presses. Just before I posted this update Spinazak, Xeno Lugia and I translated 2 new episode titles. Find them at the bottom of the Episode List

In The TCG Department

Two New Set Lists with Pictures

Yesterday I noticed the TCG section hasn't been updated in a while so I updated it with 2 new set lists. Although i have only the pics of the holos for the first one.

Pokémon E Card
Pokémon E Card McDonald's Promos

In The Gamecube Department

Smash Bros Melee Ending Shots

On Friday I said how there will be a Major update to the SSB:M section. Well its going to be gradual and starting today. Today we have the ending shots for the characters after beating Adventure Mode with them. I suggest you look at Link first. It's Hilarious.

Adventure Ending Shots

Well Thats all for today. See Ya

Anime Fest
- 2-23-2002-03:40-EDT - Serebii

Well, I have finished uploading and started to focus on the areas in question. For Example, soon I will start on the Card E Section to the TCG Section. Also oyu may have noticed these annoying pop-ups when loading a page, I am sorry about this and i am looking for a why to remove them, I'll ask my host. But lets start to do what I came here to do

In The Anime Department

Episode Guides

My Friend SpinaZak238 has written 2 guides far out of Xeno Lugia's range for the time being. These guides are of the Red Gyarados Ep Duo which features Lance

Episode 235: Lance and the Red Gyarados! Lake of RageEpisode 236: Rage of the Red Gyarados!

Character BIOs

Well, last night I decided to do some more Character BIOs, as you may have noticed I have started doing people only seen in Japanese episodes so far but dont let that stop you, there is some real interesting stuff in them:

Dr. Nanaba
Bashou, Buson and Prof. Shiranui (Team Rocket from Raikou Special)
Dr. Akihabara

Episode Pictures

Last week i asked Lugia to get me pics of the episode we have nothing about. The Arcanine one. And he did, we got tons of pics for it. These however cannot be used without permission:

Episode 190: The Stolen Stones

In The Main-site Department

The Chatroom

Well, the ever-vigilant Chatroom has moved onto a new server. For mIRC users who wish to go to the server type /server and then /join #spp. For people who dont have mIRC follow the link below. If you dont have Java loaded and you dont have mIRC download it at It's Free. The chatroom is full of friendly ops that will be happy to answer your every question so why are you waiting here. Go straight to them. Just abide by the rules

The Chatroom

Well Thats all for today. See Ya

We Are Finally Back
- 2-22-2002-02:22-EDT - Serebii

After 4 months of the server being down, I finally decided that MGON was taking too long. Luckily, my good friend Kwesi found me a host and I hope you all can send emails saying thanks. Just dont flood their mailbox. Anyway, there has been alot going on in the world since we went down, both Pokémon and Non-pokémon. Also, there will be some sections of the site that arent working. I am still uploading it even though i'm about to head off for school. So just wait if thats the case

Down To Business:

In The Anime Department

Episode Guides

Our Good Friend Xeno Lugia has been writing guides for the episodes every week even though isn't up. There are too many to List here so go to the Episode Guide Section and search through every guide from the Kakureon episode

Movie News

Well In the past couple of months there has been alot of news about the New Pokémon Movie. These features 3 new Pokémon. 2 Legendary Birds - Ratiosu (Blue Bird) and Ratiasu (Red Bird) and a Pre-evolved Wobbuffet - Sonano. Ratiasu & Ratiosu are in the Main film and Sonano in the Pikachu Short.

The Guardian Gods of the Water Capital - Ratiasu and Ratiosu
A Pika Pika Starlit Sky Camp

New Special Episode

Also Lately there has been news of a new Special coming up on December 30th in Japan. Our good friends The Mozz and Murgatroyd from the Pokémasters forums have allowed us to use their synopsis so do not take it:

Special Episode 5: Raikou! The Legend of ThunderSpecial Episode 5: Raikou! The Legend of Thunder

Character BIOs

Well, in accordence with some of the episode pictures and a few tidbits of info I have added alot more Character BIOs. And with a few of the latest japanese episodes and the upcoming special, I have added 3 other people. These ones are at the top:


I have also updated some of the Character BIOs in accordence with some of the brand new Episodes in Japan. These are:

Butch And Cassidy
Ash Ketchum

NextOn Pictures

Since we were Last Up there has been a tremendous amount of NextOn pics. So many in fact that i cant really plonk them down onto this page so you have to follow the links below:

Orange League
Johto Saga

Episode Pictures

During September and Early October, Lugia got us some more episode pictures...although he seems to be ultra sleepy and misses alot of the episodes nowadays. These unfortunately are not allowed to be used. Here is the list of the ones he did. Click on it for the particular episode in question:

Episode Pictures

Intro Pictures

Lugia Was Kind Enough to also make pictures from the brand new intro. Like the Episode Pictures these Cannot Be Used. Here We Go:

Pokémon The Johto Champions Pictures

Tons Of New Episode Titles

I have added quite alot new episode titles to the Episode Guide and the Who's That Pkmn Guide. There have also been alot of New US Titles also seen on those particular pages

In The Games Department
Some Smash Bros. Melee

A Lot Has Been Happening in the Smash Bros Melee world in the last few months, I have obtained hundreds of pictures featuring the main charcters and the 11 secret ones. I will be making a huge update to the Smash Brothers Melee section within the next week which will include a trophy page and character pages along with a massive updated to the picture page. But to wet your appetite I will put here 1 Picture, of the Character selection screen so that you know the secret characters and what you think they will be like. On a note, the reason why some are lower than the people next to them is because they are clones, as in basically the same attacks, just different strengths and weaknesses. Click the link for the picture so that it isnt spoilt for people who want the suprise of the secret characters when the game comes out

The Character Selection Screen! The 25 characters in their selective wonder

Crystal Animations

I have been Working On these and they are temporarily down for routine maintence
In The Site News Area

New Layout On The Cards

I have been asking around and a few people said that they would like to Have a New Layout So I will be experimenting in the next weeks and months so don't expect a new one immediately

The Chatroom

Well, the ever-vigilant Chatroom has moved onto a new server. For mIRC users who wish to go to the server type /server and then /join #spp. For people who dont have mIRC follow the link below. If you dont have Java loaded and you dont have mIRC download it at It's Free. The chatroom is full of friendly ops that will be happy to answer your every question so why are you waiting here. Go straight to them. Just abide by the rules

The Chatroom

Well Thats definately all for today. See Ya

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