Wednesday: Update 1: New Anime Titles, R/S Numbers, R/S Info etc.
- 11-20-2002-18:53-EST - Serebii

Well, Ruby and Sapphire are out tomorrow in Japan...that means over the next week or so...there will be information flowing like a Water Gun Attack!

In The Anime Department

New Japanese Titles

The next set of Advance Generation Titles have been revealed along with 2 of the specials...there is one more title for special and episode but we are having a hard time translating them. These may change before they air, Here they are:

Special 4: Brock! Save Pewter Gym!
Episode 280: Much Danger! Catch in Touka Forest
Special 5: Revenge Match in Cerulean Gym!
Episode 281: Jiguzaguma! Haruka's First Match!

New Dub Titles

Two New Dub Titles have been revealed. Click them to go to a Synopsis to see what they are about:

Episode 224: A Promise is a Promise
Episode 224: A Promise is a Promise

Episode 225: Throwing in the Noctowl!
Episode 225: Throwing in the Noctowl!

6th Movie Announced

Today the 6th Movie was announced in is not titled yet but is said to contain Absol...More as we get it

In The Games Department

MoreNew Numbers

A lot more numbers have been revealed for old Pokémon...and a lot of new ones...I will add the new ones as pics become available and add more old ones as I find them out. Until then, check the current list by clicking on Sabonea:

Number List

Legendary Page

Well, I have updated the Legendary Page with the almost 100% confirmed way to capture Latios and Latias. Click on Kyogre to go there:

Legendary Pokémon

Remember, there will be a lot more coming tomorrow (hopefully) including info on the 6th movie.
Until Tomorrow. See Ya

Tuesday: Update 1: Anime & R/S Stuff
- 11-19-2002-15:11-EST - Serebii

Episode Pictures delayed...will be up by Friday

In The Anime Department

New Special Revealed

Not an end of year one, and not necessarily a special. An Episode will be airing on Tuesday 3rd December which currently has no name but it is said that it follows brock just after and before he leaves/comes back to Ash. So its set within a 5 episode span or something like that. We'll have more info as it comes

In The Games Department

New Numbers

With help from several Japanese sites and forum mods, I have compiled a list of all the new numbers known, several old Pokémon are also featured here. Click, Latias to go there:

Number List

New Characteristics

One of these Japanese sites provided me with characteristics of several Pokémon. Click Rarutosu to go there, even though its possible these may be inaccurate:

Number List

New Info

There is some of the basic new information revealed on my number search aswell, there was more but i found it difficult to translate...I should have the extra stuff up tomorrow. In the mean time, with the amount added, click Jiiransu to view the page with them in

Lots of Updated Stuff

Until Tomorrow. See Ya

Monday: Update 1: Small, Updated, Re-done stuff and some confirmed bad news
- 11-18-2002-18:31-EST - Serebii

No big update may have to wait until Ruby actually is out before we get much more. I will have ep pics up tomorrow btw

In The Games Department

New Sprites, and Fixed Info

Well, palette made a mistake and put Karama and Agehanto in the wrong positions making everyone be wrong about evolutions. I have corrected that. Also, I have put up sprites of Kemusso, Taneboo and Hasuboo with more to come. Click Latios to go to the New Pokémon section where all this is contained:

Lots of Updated Stuff

Bad News

Start with the the recent Famitsu (a japanese gaming magazine), Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire earnt a whopping 34/40. Just below what green and gold got when they first arrive (and standards have gone up since then)

Onto the bad news, famitsu mentioned that there are no more new types in Ruby and Sapphire. A Dissappointment for some, but hope for others for more type development in under-utilised types

Until Tomorrow. See Ya

Sunday: Update 1: Confirmed Stuff
- 11-17-2002-4:56-EST - Serebii

Sorry...I fell asleep on the sofa and missed doing yesterday's update

In The Games Department

New names

Well, in the Premium Countdown yesterday, several new Pokémon were revealed. We had them here before but we did not have names for them. It also confirmed that Kemusso's Evo Line is split. We have new names for the Moth, the newt...and that pink blob. All of them in the new Pokémon section since a lot of people dont want it spoilt. Click Yamirami to go there:

Confirmed Names

Until Tonight. See Ya

Saturday: Update 1: New Characteristics
- 11-16-2002-5:26-EST - Serebii

There definately will be a large update tonight...this is short since I have to go to work in a sec

In The Games Department

New Characteristics

One of my most reliable sources for R/S information from Japan has recently told me the consequences of certain Characteristics and some new ones too. I have added these to the Characteristics and New Pokémon sections so have a look. Click Kemusson to go there:

New Characteristics

Until Tonight. See Ya

Friday: Update 2: OK...this is not a large update
- 11-15-2002-18:31-EST - Serebii

Yes, I know I said a Large one but Assignments have been keeping me busy. Just a small update...I will try and get a large one in tomorrow

In The Games Department

Larger Pics of 3 latest Pokémon

Well, Umi Del Mare has drew some pictures of the Pokémon I revealed yesterday. These arent going to be completely accurate so when bigger official pictures/sprites are revealed...expect it to change a bit. Click the one below to go to the new Pokémon page and scroll down. They are the first in the non-numbered area of the page:

Bigger Pics

Until Tonight. See Ya

Friday: Update 1: Kecleon's Number UPDATE 1.5: Updated with more New Numbers
- 11-15-2002-11:17-EST&12:31-EST - Serebii

Sorry About not having the third update, but I thought it would be necessary for me not to have one so you can all digest the information. Anyway, a small update before the large one tonight

In The Games Department

Loads of Numbers

Yes, loads of numbers have been revealed from one of my trusted japanese sources, Palette. This shows possible amounts of evolutions and thus forth. Click the picture below proving Kecleon's #145 to go and see the huge list which is now in numerical order:

Kecleon's Number

Until Tonight. See Ya

Thursday: Update 2: 3 More New Pokémon
- 11-14-2002-12:52-EST - Serebii

The title has now lost meaning...they are breeding like Tribbles. Expect a third update and DO check the update below is very large with loads of needed Info

In The Games Department

3 New Pokémon

Coronis forgot to send me pictures of 3 more New Pokémon, well, he has sent them now with his also gives us two new evolution lines which I will deal with later...check the new Pokémon section regularly to see when I have. Here they are:

AgehantoMoth??An Unknown Pokémon! Some think it is Riruru, some think it is Ametama

Until Tonight. See Ya

Thursday: Update 1: Anime Pics, 14 New Screens, New Contest Info, Attacks, Everything etc.
- 11-14-2002-4:23-EST - Serebii

Coronis stuck to his word and set the pictures like he promised

In The Anime Department

3 New Pictures

That's right, there are three new Anime Pictures in the amount Coronis sent. They dont contain any spoilers so here they are:

Achamo Vs. A Mizugorou FanaticCould Team Rocket have a Sabonea?Pikachu Shocks a Subame

In The Games Department

14 new Pictures

That's right, There are 14 New Pictures from Ruby/Sapphire. I have added them to the Picture Section. Click below to go there

14 New Pictures!

New Pkmn Info

Loads of New Pokémon Info has been revealed, like Hasuboo's number, attacks and attacks for several others of the new Pokémon. Also by Popular demand, I have put up the Sugimori style Yarukimono picture

Loads of Pokémon Info

2 New Attacks

That's right, in one of the new Pictures we see Hasuboo's attacks. 2 of them are completely new attacks. They are Nature Power and Scare.

  • Nature Power
  • Scare

    Jiguzaguma's Characteristic

    With this new info in Coro Coro, Jiguzaguma's Characteristic was revealed. Since this update is taking up space, click Jiguzaguma to see it:

    Jiguzaguma's Characteristic

    Status Screen Page 4 Revealed

    Page Four of the Status Screen has finally been revealed. It's contents are in the Status Page Section. Click below to go there:

    Fourth Stat Screen Page!

    How the Contest Really Works

    With this, the way the Contest works has finally been announced. It's mostly based on attacks. Click the Picture below to learn more about it:

    The Contest!

    Maps of Houen

    That is also from Coro Coro. Maps of the places up to where the Walkthrough ends were in it. I have added these to my Walkthrough Aswell so click below to get to them:

    Maps of Houen

    Radio Interview?

    Not Much is really known about this. In certain points in the game, you can get interviewed by a Radio Host. You get a whole choice of answers and somehow...not sure how, these affect the plot and outcome of the game. Here is a Picture:

    Radio Interview


    It has been revealed that In Touka City, you get given running shoes. These make you move faster than normal. It is not known if this is constant or a replacement for the Bike but it is still a cool addition:

    Run Hero Run!

    Until Tonight. See Ya

    Update 2: 8 New Pokémon + New Pics of Taneboo & Hasuboo (including face)
    - 11-13-2002-14:12-EST - Serebii

    Well, CoronisS sent the pictures of the Pokémon to me. Tomorrow he said he will send the new plot enhances and some new Anime Stuff. Here are the new Pokémon, there may be a third update today if you are lucky

    In The Games Department

    7 New Pokémon + 3 Updated

    Well, Coronis Sent the pics and here they are...not to be used without permission i might add. Click them to go the new Pokémon section where their types and classifications are revealed:

    As you can see, these are starting to look a bit better than before.

    Until Tonight/Tomorrow. See Ya

    Update 1: Sapphire Intro Pics, Release Date and US Names for Starters/Legendaries
    - 11-13-2002-4:42-EST - Serebii

    Hopefully in the second update we'll have the pics of the Pokémon. I'll be at work for most of the day so dont try to contact me. Until then...

    In The Games Department

    Sapphire Intro Pictures

    Yes, from the Osaka Game Festa, a movie was made of the game starting up, and I managed to do a fair load of pictures for this. Click below to go there:

    Sapphire Intro
    Official US Release Date

    My friend, Meowth346, has made me aware that an official announcement of R/S's Release Date has been released. This states that it will be out on March 17th 2003. So put that in your diary

    US Starter/Legendary Names

    With this announcement, obviously came the US Names for the main Pkmn in the game, the starters and the main legendaries. This is also thanks to Meowth346 but still may not be accurate:

    Until Tonight. See Ya

    2 New R/S Pages + A New Characteristic Named! UPDATE: Guide for Episode 275
    - 11-12-2002-13:48-EST&19:12-EST - Serebii

    I apologise for not having pics of the new Pokémon yet. As soon as I do they will be up

    In The Anime Department

    New Episode Guide

    Thats right, Zak managed to do the guide in a space of five hours. This is from the ep that aired in Japan on Thursday. Be Warned...this contains very heavy spoilers:

    Episode 275: Farewell...and then Setting off

    In The Games Department

    2 New Pages

    I have done two more pages in the R/S Section, however, these will state how to get to a part of the game and these could mean spoiling your enjoyment
    The First, I have done a rather rudementary walkthrough of the game up to Kanazumi City which was experienced in the Osaka Games Festa that Rarutosu was revealed in. Click the Picture below to go there:

    How to get to Kanazumi City

    The Second is a Locations list showing which Pokémon are where on those route, once again this could spoil it for you:

    Locations of Pokémon in Houen

    New Characteristic

    In Corocoro, two more Characteristics were revealed...Achamo's and Jiguzaguma's. Only names were revealed so we dont know what they do. Unfortunately I have had trouble translating Jiguzaguma's. I will add it here later. I added Achamo's to the Characteristic page so click Achamo to go there:

    Achamo's Characteristic

    Until Tomorrow. See Ya

    Loads of New Pokémon + New Dub Title
    - 11-11-2002-14:50-EST - Serebii

    In The Pokémon Department

    New Pokémon

    In the latest Corocoro, as expected, loads of Pokémon were revealed. I'll recieve pictures soon. These include the names for the Acorn and Lilypad. They are; Taneboo and Hasuboo respectively. Click their pictures to go to the new Pokémon Page:


    A Load of Other Pokémon, with Pictures were revealed, until Pictures arise here are the new names...also some old names have been confirmed, aswell as meanings:

  • Taneboo - Acorn - Seed
  • Hasuboo - 'Lily-pad' - Lotus
  • Kemusso - A Pink Bug Type - Caterpiller
  • Mayurudo - Evolution of Kemusso - Cocoon
  • Karasairu - A Pokémon Odd In Looking
  • Sabonea - A Cactus Pokémon
  • Ametama - Rainball

    In The Anime Department

    New Dub Title

    A new dub title has been revealed. Click it for a synopsis:

    Episode 223: A Parent Trapped!
    Episode 223: A Parent Trapped!

    Until Tomorrow. See Ya

    Update 2: Pokémon Breeder Mini and Episode Pics
    - 11-10-2002-16:02-EST - Serebii

    Dont get too comfy with double updates...I do have college this week

    In The Anime Department

    Episode Pictures

    As usual, I have done my usual vast amount of pictures for the new episode that aired yesterday in America. Click the picture below to access them:

    Episode 220: Plant it Now! Diglett later!

    In The Games Department

    Pokémon Breeder Mini Pictures

    Today, one of my sources in Japan showed me 2 pictures, these are from the next Pokémon Mini mentioned earlier in the week, anyway, these two pictures do feature the R/S Starters. Click the one below to get to the section to view the other:

    Until Tomorrow. See Ya

    Another New Pokémon
    - 11-10-2002-5:06-EST - Serebii

    They are breeding like Tribbles...

    In The Games Department

    A New Pokémon

    A day or so ago, there was a games expo in Osaka Japan, this had another version of Ruby and Sapphire Playable. This revealed a brand new Pokémon Which some people believe to be a pre-evolved Yarukimono. Anyway, I have released a battle Picture (with thanks from Watch Express) in the Picture Section and the hi-res picture of this Pokémon, Rarutosu, Is with grat thanks from Umi Del Mare:

    Also, There is a possible new attack which I am following up on looking for...I'll keep trying

    Until Today's Second Update...

    New R/S Pics and Possible First Gamecube Pics
    - 11-9-2002-15:46-EST - Serebii

    I promised a second update didnt I:

    In The Games Department

    'Pokémon Cube' Possible Pictures

    Thats right, today In Japan a Commercial for Ruby/Sapphire was released. At the end of it, there were some 3D motions of Kaiorga and Groudon. It is possible that these are from a possible Pokémon Gamecube Game...they look up to that Never Know. Here they are:


    'Pokémon Cube' Possible Pictures

    I have added 3 New R/S Pictures to the list...these are from the the battle picture to go there:

    New Screens

    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    Japanese Episode Titles
    - 11-9-2002-3:26-EST - Serebii

    I'm Just about to head to work...I will put a bigger update up tonight but until then...some news

    In The Anime Department

    New Episode Titles

    Well, One is New...Two are corrected. These are the first three titles from Houen. Without futher delay, here they are:

    277: A New Land! A New Adventure
    278: Ancient Pokémon and the Mysterious Team
    279: Kotoki Gym! VS Yarukimono

    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    Eneko Finally Revealed
    - 11-8-2002-13:55-EST - Serebii

    Small Update Today...however, expect major overhauls to the entire site until the end of the year, which I am working on

    In The Pokémon Department


    That's Right! Eneko has finally been revealed...see it here first. Thanks to Umi Del Mare for the picture aswell. Anyway, as you can see it is very much unlikely to be an evo/pre-evo of Meowth as many of you have speculated. Click it's pic to go to the new pkmn section for more Info on it:


    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    Fake Pokémon Page + More Possible Names + Another Trademarked Game
    - 11-7-2002-16:55-EST - Serebii

    All Sorts of Pokémon Info here

    In The Pokémon Department

    Fake Pokémon

    For a while, I have been promising the new Pokémon section. However this morning some fake pictures of Eneko and Wakashamo were put up giving me incentive to put it up so people know. So here it Fake Umigorou to go there:

    New Possible Pokémon

    Also, some new Possible Pokémon Names. I have meanings for 7 of them with an overall of 13, but I will try and get the rest soon:

  • Agehanto - Ageha Butterfly + hunt

  • Zarigan - Crayfish + Hooligan
  • Zareega - Crayfish
  • Kemusso - Smoke
  • Namakero - Sloth
  • Bakuong - Explosion King
  • Habunake - Hub Snake
  • Hassboh
  • Hasubrero
  • Runpappa
  • Kararma
  • Gonyonyo
  • Absol

    New Possible Pokémon Game

    A Game Name has recently been trademarked, like the Topaz, Whitestone etc. i revealed last Month. However, this may be a Gamecube game, yet it may also be a Pokémon Mini game, we just don't know at the moment. Here it is:

    Pokémon Colosseum

    It's possible this could be a 'Pokémon Stadium 3' but you never know

    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    A New Pokémon and a new Dub Title UPDATE: NEW EPISODE GUIDE
    - 11-6-2002-12:45-EST&16:43-EST - Serebii

    More new Pokémon...that takes it up to 27 new so far. Sorry about no dex entries today anyway

    In The Pokémon Department

    In The Anime Department

    New Episode Guide

    Thats right, the moment you have been waiting for. Zak finally has finished the guide for the most talked about episode in ages. However be warned...this contains major spoilers:

    Episode 274: To the End of the Full Battle! Each One's Way!!
    A New Dub Title

    Well, another dub title has been released. This is from the episode that starts the 'Lugia-Saga'. Click on it to go to a guide of the ep:

    Episode 222: The Mystery Is History!
    Episode 222: The Mystery is History!
    A New Pokémon

    A New Pokémon has recently been revealed, but its authenticity is still at question. Unfortunately we do not have a picture of it but it's entire details have become known to us (except type). It's name is Eneko. I have put the details in the New Pokémon Section. Click on the picture below to go there...the picture should say: Picture Currently Un-Available:


    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    New Pokémon Mini Game & 11 New Dex Entries
    - 11-5-2002-12:55-EST - Serebii

    Yup, another early update...if any new R/S news comes, I will update with it in this update at the top

    In The Games Department

    New Pokémon Mini Game

    Yes, that is correct. A New Pokémon Mini Game was revealed last night. This one is due for release on December 14th...the One year anniversary of the system in Japan. It features the starter pokémon from Ruby/Sapphire. It is called: Pokémon Breeder Mini, Click Kimori below to go the new section for it:

    Pokémon Breeder Mini

    In The Pokédex Department

    11 New Entries

    As I promised, I have finally put up some more entries...expect me to be doing alot of this before the 21st since I'll have my hands full with R/S Dex, R/S Walkthrough, Advance Generation and 6th Movie stuff. Anyway, here are today's 11 entries...expect about 9 tomorrow:


    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    Episode Pics
    - 11-4-2002-18:45-EST - Serebii

    In The Anime Department

    Episode Pics

    Thats right, I have finally done my usual amount of pictures for the episode that was aired on Saturday. Click below to view them

    Episode 219: The Perfect Match

    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    2 More New Pokémon Confirmed! + New BIO
    - 11-3-2002-19:25-EST - Serebii

    Sorry, had to delay the episode pictures a day due to some complications

    In The Pokémon Department

    2 New Pokémon Pokémon

    The Two Pokémon I mentioned yesterday turned out to be real. Zak told me that they were featured in episode 274 with Professor Odamaki. These are an Acorn Pokémon and a Lilypad Pokémon. Currently I do not have a big picture of the Lilypad but I do have one of the Acorn. I am using the forum Smilie for the Lilypad. I have also added these to the new Pkmn Section. Click the Acorn Pokémon to go there:

    New Pokémon

    In The Anime Department

    New BIO

    Although Episode Pictures have been delayed, I have been able to do the BIO for the Character in the episode


    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    New Pokémon Names + Updated BIOs
    - 11-2-2002-21:11-EST - Serebii

    There have been 2 new Pokémon revealed aswell but proof of authenticity is absent so I shant post them yet, there's probably 80 topics about them on the forums by now...which brings me onto the next point...FORUMS ARE BACK. I'll have ep-pics by tomorrow

    In The Pokémon Department

    4 New Pokémon Names

    4 New Pokémon names have been revealed. They may not be real but I have added them to the list of names to be confirmed as pkmn in the new pkmn section. I have also listed what the names mean with them here:

    Kyamome - Seagull
    Raiboruto - Thunder-Bolt (It isnt the attack)
    Tekkanin - Violent-Tempered
    Kinogassa - Mushroom Umbrella - Likely Evo of Kinokoko

    In The Anime Department

    Updated BIO

    Well, Zak has started on the guide for 274, which has caused me to do another alteration to Ash's BIO. Click below to go there

    Ash Ketchum

    That's all for today. More tomorrow

    2 More New Pokémon. A Poster Proving them and a Correction for a name! UPDATE - Updated BIO!
    - 11-1-2002-9:35:EST&16:05EST - Serebii

    A Very Very Early Update today. First, some bad news...the forums have been maliciously attacked, we lost everything and it has been found out that are recent back ups didnt contain threads, users etc. for some unknown reason. In the mean time, we request you use the Chatroom for your discussion whilst waiting.

    In The Pokémon Department

    2 New Pokémon

    Recently, an advert for Advance Generation and Ruby/Sapphire was released in japan (paper, not video) and it featured all the confirmed R/S Pokémon on it (excluding Jiiransu) and 2 brand new Pokémon. They both appear to be water Pokémon. The Pirhana...maybe a pre-evolved Samehadda...stranger things have happened. Here's the pics, I will make bigger ones ASAP, I added them to the New Pokémon Section:

    New PokémonNew Pokémon


    Well, here is the poster. It is a bit big so bear with it if you are on a 56k modem. Click it for a larger view

    The Poster

    Name Correction

    Serveral Days ago, I reported that the monkey is called Namekemono. Well, that was incorrect...from the looks of several Japanese sources it looks like that the name of this Pokémon was derived from Namakemono.


    It's name is actually the Pokémon I believed evolved into this...Yarukimono. Sorry about that

    In The Anime Department

    Updated BIO

    A Recent Official Newsletter in Japanese was released, this had information on Advance Generation and confirmed something new for Ash. I have added this to the Saga in Houen Details and to Ash's BIO. Click below to go there:

    Ash Ketchum

    That's all for today. More tomorrow

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