The status screens, A Vital Part of knowing about your Pokémon. It has adapted over the years. In RBY it was 2 pages, In GSC it was 3. This time it is 4 pages long! It has the same basic stuff it had before...and more. Here's a page by page description with Pictures:

1st Page

On the left in each of the pages is the Pokémon, Its Level, Name and Gender. On the first page on the right we get:
  • Pokémon Info: Trainer ID and Original Trainer. And the list of types.
  • Ability: The Ability of The Pokémon. Click here for an explanation.
  • Pokémon Stuff: Like the Pokéseer in Crystal, this area tells you where the pkmn was caught and at what level it was caught at. It also has a space for its Nature

    2nd Page

    Here you will find the following:
  • Item Held: Just like in GSC, this will tell you what item your Pokémon is holding like Charcoal or Sacred Ash.
  • Ribbon Held: A New Addition, this tells you what prize from the Ribbon Contest your Pokémon has won
  • Stats: The Stats of the Pokémon: Attack, Defense, Speed, Spec. Att, Spec. Def and HP. No new ones this time round.
  • Experience: Shows how much Experience your Pokémon has earnt and how many to the next level. The EXP bar is also there

    3rd Page

    Here you will find the following:
    Attacks: A List of the Attacks your Pokémon knows. Highlightable by pressing A for a description in the bottom box

    4th Page

    In this page, we see what sort of attack it is..contest wise. Not Grass/Fire but Intelligence/Cuteness etc. All this is for the contest
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