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Wait! Kemusso is evolving
Kimori VS. Kemusso! Pokéball Go!
Kemusso VS. Taneboo! Taneboo uses Bide!
Subame VS. Karasairu
Rarutosu VS. Kemusso
Karasairu VS. Namakero
The Hero gets interviewed by a Radio Host
Stat Screen Page Four! What Contest Types are your attacks
Will The Judges accept Hasuboo?
The Contest Process
Success! Hasuboo wins a Ribbon!
Subame VS. Karasairu
Run Hero Run!
Some Machoke help you to move in
Male Hero Enters a Cave
Female Heroine Walks through a puddle
Jiguzaguma & Subame VS Yomawaru & Kecleon. Kecleon Uses Psybeam
Samehadda & Kimori VS Wailmer and Achamo. Wailmer uses Water Surge
Samehadda & Kimori VS Wailmer and Achamo. Samehadda uses Crunch
Subame's Porok Screen
Pochena's Stat Page 1
Groudon on the Ruby TitleScreen
Kaiorga on the Sapphire TitleScreen
A Map of Houen
Could this be the new style Phonebook?
Moving In To Mishiro Town
Prof. Odamaki is being attacked by a Wild Pochena!
Pick A Pokémon to help save Odamaki
Odamaki lets you keep that Pokémon
Entering a 4 player battle
The Start Screen
2 on 2 Battle Begins!
You talking to your rival
Starting a Battle with your rival
Outside your 'secret base'
Looking at your Kimori in your 'secret base'
You and your Pikachu and Pichu in your 'secret base'
Entering a friend's 'secret base'
Battle with Team Magma
Battle with Team Magma
Battle with Team Magma Outside
Battle with Team Aqua
Battle with Team Aqua Outside
Wynaut Uses Encore!
A Young Boy Wants to Battle
Pochena & Pelippa VS. Subame & Jiguzaguma
Pochena Uses Mean Look!
Selection Screen: Normal
Selection Screen: 2 on 2
Achamo Vs. Kimori
Kimori Vs. Mizugorou
Mizugorou Vs. Achamo
Pokémon Navigator's View on Kinokoko
The Porok Trees?
Pokémon Navigator
Berry-Dex: Momon
Berry-Dex: Oren
The Bag of the Male Trainer
The Bag of the female Trainer
Kinokoko recieved Recoil from Samehadda's Fishskin Characteristic!
Azurill win's the Ribbon Contest!
Kinokoko uses Mega Drain on Kecleon
Kinokoko Vs. Kecleon
Kinokoko uses Tackle on Samehadda
Kecleon's Stats
Samehadda's Stats
Pochena Uses Bite on Yomawaru
Jiguzaguma uses Tackle on Volbeat
Another New Town
A New Town
Inside a Contest House - Azurill wins a Ribbon
Pick your Pokémon for the Contest!
Building on the Beach
On The Beach
Raindrops Keep My Falling on my head
Male Trainer walking by Dock
Male Trainer Walking through an old town
Samehadda & Yomawaru Vs. Pelippa and Volbeat. Yomawaru attacking Pelippa
Female Trainer Waliing through a Misty Green Cave
Male Trainer Walking through Wild Grass
Wild Pkmn Battle in Tall Grass
Wild Azurill Wishes to battle
Male Trainer in Pkmn Center
Male Trainer Standing on Dock
Female Trainer in Old Style Town
Samehaddaa & Volbeat Vs. Pelippaa and Wailmer
Samehaddaa & Volbeat Vs. Pelippaa and Wailmer Again
Kinokoko and Wynaut Wish To Battle
Go Volbeat and Yomawaru
Pelippaa Vs. Samehaddaa
Yomawaru Vs. Kinokoko
Wynaut Vs. Wailmer. Wynaut Uses Mirror Coat
Kecleon Vs. Yomawaru. Kecleon uses Faint Attack
Wynaut Vs. Azurill. Azurill uses Slam
Downstairs In the Pokémon Center
Upstairs In The Pokémon Center
The Scroll Section of the Pokédex
A Seen Yomawaru in the dex
Inside the Pokémart
Seeing Professor Odamaki in his lab
A Wild Wynaut Appears
A Typical Town
Azurill Vs. Wynaut
A Sandstormy Cave
Kecleon Vs. Yomawaru
A Woman wants to battle
The Constant Re-make of the Hiker wants to battle the Female Hero

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