Welcome to the BattrioDex. This section is an encyclopedic representation of each Pokémon's appearances in the arcade game; Pokémon Battrio. Click the Pokémon names to go to their page:

The Pokémon listings above do not contain all 493 Pokémon due to the majority of the Pokémon not being included in Pokémon Battrio at this point in time. However, whenever a new set is added, more Pokémon are included

Like the Pokémon within the main games, each Battrio Disk has a specific type. As such, you are able to search the Battrio Disk by the 17 special types as well as 2 additional types brought in by Arceus.

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground
Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water Full Plate 11 Plate

This BattrioDex will be constantly updated whenever new disk are revealled so it will always be up to date.

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