The Memory Key is a vital part of the Pokémon Battrio game. This utility includes a variety of features. First and foremost, it is able to be plugged into the Battrio Arcade Machines in order for your trainer statistics and medals to be stored in each game. As such, this means that all of your battles on Battrio are to be saved and will help build you to be a better trainer. The features of the Memory Key are as follows;

Type Chart

On the LCD Screen of the Memory Key is the ability to check Pokémon types. This works just as a simple type chart. You input your types and your opponent's types and it will give you their weaknesses and resistances

Experience Storing

The Memory Key is also vital to your game playing as it works in a similar manner to memory cards and stores all of your trainer data including experience points, coins earned and items purchased. When you plug the Memory Key into the Battrio Arcade Machine, you will have the ability to utilise the coins to purchase items for use in battles. It also stores your progress through the single player mode including the new Tower battles

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