When you are in the Dragons Den There is a house that Clair Lets you go in, Inside are 3 monks who will give you a test and at the end give you a Prize. I have put Down the Questions and Answers that Should or Shouldn't be answered as. The Shouldn'ts will be marked with a *

1. What are your Pokémon to you?

  • Pal
  • Underling *
  • Friend

    2. What helps you to win battles?

  • Strategy
  • Raising
  • Cheating *

    3. What kind of trainers do you wish to battle?"

  • Weak Person *
  • Tough Person *
  • Anybody

    4. What is the most important thing for raising Pokémon?

  • Love
  • Violence *
  • Knowledge

    5. Strong Pokémon, Weak Pokémon. Which is More Important?

  • Tough *
  • Both
  • Weak *

    Once This Has Been Completed you will be given a Dratini

    If you answered with a response with a * by it in our help above, then you will have a normal Dratini with Twister.

    If you answered with responses without any *'s by it in our help above, then you will have a special Dratini with both Twister and Extremespeed.