As Many of you know, In Crystal you can't actually get Celebi But Here is the way you can on the US Crystal. You need a Gameshark to do this

First of all put this code in 0173F2D0. Go to a Pokémart and buy one GS Ball. Now save the game and shut it off. Now turn it back on and put this code in 914089DA and talk to Kurt. He will then take the GS Ball and give it back to you the next day, head into Ilex Foreest as suggested and put the GS Ball in the shrine, allowing you to catch Celebi.

If you don't want to buy a GS Ball using the first code here's an alternative way to do it. As long as Kurt's not checking something already, put this code in 91C089DA. Talk to Kurt and you will automatically get a GS Ball from him and then you can go to Ilex shrine and capture Celebi. Either way, you can do this code as much as you want. NOTE: there are some resets in the game every time you do this though. 1.) The Master at the Dragon Shrine will give you another Dratini for some reason. Just accept it and He'll be back to normal. 2.) The little girl standing in front of Sudowoodo will be there again. Just talk to her to make her go away. 3.) The man at the ruins that talks about how there was an odd prescence that made them flee the Underground chamber will say what he says the first time you talk to him again. After he says it once though, he'll be back to normal.

Remember you saw it first at This does work, I will provide screenshots soon

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