The PokeGear is an interesting new gadget introduced in the second generation. Like a modern day smartphone, its many functions serve to streamline old features and provide easy access to new ones. As well, it can upgraded to have new applications installed.

Clock & Calendar

Obtained: Beginning

The default application on the PokeGear. It shows the day and time as you enter it at the start of the game. This can be changed in Crystal but only through a contrived process. To adjust for daylight savings time, go talk to your mom in New Bark Town.

Town Map

Obtained: Guide Gent in Cherrygrove City

A more high-tech version of the Town Map from Pokemon Red and Blue. In its 16 colour glory it shows you the locations of the different cities, landmarks, and routes in the region you're exploring.


Obtained: Beginning

One of the most popular features of the Pokegear is the phone. Useful characters and trainers in the game will give you their number and sometimes call you to pass on important information or tell you how their Pokémon are progressing. Some will often call you for a rematch. You can only store 10 numbers in its memory and it can't be used in caves.

Prof. ElmNew Bark TownCannot be deleted, calls for various storyline information.
MomNew Bark TownCannot be deleted, calls to inform you of purchases she makes for you.
BillGoldenrod CityCalls when a PC Box is about to be filled.
Hiker AnthonyRoute 33Calls to tell you when Dunsparce is available.
Fisher RalphRoute 32Calls to tell you when Qwilfish is available.
Bug Catcher ArnieRoute 35Calls to tell you when Yanma is available.
Lass DanaRoute 38Calls to tell you when Tauros is available.
BuenaGoldenrod CityObtained after collecting 30 points on Blue Card; gives interesting tips and stories.
Youngster JoeyRoute 30Calls to offer free HP Up.
Bug Catcher WaderRoute 31Reminds you of Bug-Catching Contest and gives free berries.
Camper ToddRoute 34Reminds you of sales at Goldenrod Department Store.
Picnicker GinaRoute 34Calls to offer free Leaf Stones.
PokéFan BeverlyNational ParkCalls to offer free Nuggets.
Lass DanaRoute 26Calls to offer free Thunderstones.
Schoolboy AlanRoute 36Calls to offer free Fire Stones.
Bird Keeper VanceRoute 44Calls to offer free Carbos.
Fisher TullyRoute 42Calls to offer free Water Stones.
Sailor HueyOlivine CityCalls to offer free Protein.
Picnicker TiffanyRoute 43Calls to offer free Poke Dolls.
Blackbelt KenjiRoute 45Calls to offer free PP Up.
Picnicker ErinRoute 46Calls to offer free Calcium.
Bird Keeper JoseRoute 27Calls to offer free Star Pieces.
Pokéfan BeverlyNational ParkBattle Rematch
Schoolboy JackNational ParkBattle Rematch
Sailor HueyOlivine LighthouseBattle Rematch
Cooltrainer ReenaRoute 26Battle Rematch
Cooltrainer GavenRoute 26Battle Rematch
Cooltrainer BethRoute 26Battle Rematch
Youngster JoeyRoute 30Battle Rematch
Bug Catcher WadeRoute 31Battle Rematch
Picnicker LizRoute 32Battle Rematch
Fisher RalphRoute 32Battle Rematch
Picnicker GinaRoute 34Battle Rematch
Camper ToddRoute 34Battle Rematch
Juggler IrwinRoute 35Battle Rematch
Schoolboy AlanRoute 36Battle Rematch
Pokéfan DerekRoute 38Battle Rematch
Fisher ChrisRoute 42Battle Rematch
Picnicker TiffanyRoute 43Battle Rematch
Pokémaniac BrentRoute 43Battle Rematch
Bird Keeper VanceRoute 44Battle Rematch
Blackbelt KenjiRoute 45Battle Rematch
Picnicker ErinRoute 46Battle Rematch

Goldenrod Radio Tower, front desk.
Lavender Radio Tower (EXPN Card)

An interesting application. While it does nothing to advance the story, it is fun to play around with and can affect how Pokemon appear in the wild. Use the slider to change the frequency and scroll across stations.

Pokédex ShowChannel 4.54AM-10AMBroadcasts various Pokedex entries.
Prof. Oak's Talk ShowChannel 4.510AM-4AMProvides locations and habits of various Pokémon
Pokémon MusicChannel 7.5All DayBroadcasts special music which has different effects.
Pokémon March (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) increases wild Pokémon encounters
Pokémon Lullaby (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) decreases wild Pokémon encounters
Lucky Number ShowChannel 8.5All DayOffers an ID number. Check your Pokemon for the number and bring them to the Radio Tower for a prize. Changes daily
Unown Transmission Channel 13.5All DayEerie cries made by the Unown. Ruins of Alph only.
Evolution Transmission Channel 20.5All DayForces Magikarp at Lake of Rage to evolve. Mahogany Town, Route 43, and Lake of Rage only during Team Rocket incident
Places & PeopleChannel 16.5All DayDiscusses the various people and places within the region of Kanto.
Let's All SingChannel 18.5All DayBroadcasts special music which has different effects.
Pokémon March (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) increases wild Pokémon encounters
Pokémon Lullaby (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) decreases wild Pokémon encounters
PokéFluteChannel 20All DayPlays music that can wake sleeping Pokémon. Requires EXPN Card