Team Skill

In the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, various skills were determined based upon specific IQ groups of each species of Pokémon. This has changed in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity where skills similar to that are classed as Team Skills. These are always activated once found and range from skills that make the partner Pokémon more likely to use Super Effective attacks to making sure that they do not step on traps.

Unlike the past games where more are unlocked based on the IQ of the Pokémon, Team Skills are found within various chests found in the dungeons.

Below is a list of all discovered Team Skills, as well as their features

Name Japanese Name Effect
CollectorIncreases chance of opponents dropping a chest
Danger-SeekingハウスのスキルLets you know if a Monster House is on the floor
EverlastingPrevents allys from evolving
GuardごえいのスキルIf the leader's hp is low, sometimes the partner will defend it
Intimidationいあつのスキル'May make opponent's moves fail if right next to your Pokémon
Item-SeekingものみえスキルInforms you of how many items are on the floor of the dungeon
Last-MinuteどたんばスキルMore likely to evade a move if HP is low
NutritionistしょくじスキルIncreases more Hunger values and recovers PP when consuming a food item
OutstandingばつぐんスキルMakes it more likely to score a critical hit
Power-PitchingえんとうスキルIncreases range of thrown Items
PP RestorePPいやしスキルRecovers PP as you go to a new floor
PreventionよぼうのスキルYou cannot get a Status Affliction if a partner has one
RecoveryかいふくスキルHeals more HP when moving
RetaliatingいかりのスキルIncreases Attack strength if a partner is defeated
Second ChanceにどめのスキルMore likely to hit next turn if move was successful
Self-ControlりせいのスキルWill not harm team-mates when Confused
Shop-SeekingおみせのスキルInforms you if Kecleon has a shop on the floor
Slip-ThroughすりぬけスキルItems and moves won't hit pokemon you don't want them to hit
SneakyこっそりスキルLets you walk by an opponent that is Asleep without waking it
Stair SeekingかいだんスキルLets you know where the stairs are on the floor
Super-EffectiveIncreases Critical Hit ratio for Super Effective moves
SurveyorくうかんスキルReveals the shape of the floor
ToughふんばりスキルMay leave you with 1 HP from a move that would knock you out
Trap BustingワナこわしスキルMay destroy Traps when stepping on them
UnchangingかわらずスキルPrevents opponents from being able to evolve