The Battle E Cards...a brilliant addition to the Pokémon Franchise. These add an entire continual playability to Pokémon with thousands of Pokémon and Attack combinations aswell as brand new is how to activate:

  • After getting 5 Badges go to the man next to the PC in the Petalburg Gym
  • When He asks you for your Trainer Statement Say: "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". This will activate Mystery Event in the Starting Menu

    There are 54 Cards in this set, 9 cards in a pack, 6 packs in total. In each pack there are 8 Trainers and 1 Berry, the Berry is a berry never seen before, replacing #43 Enigma Berry in stature and whenever you scan a new berry it is replaced, we do not know yet. Here is a list of all the cards in the 1st Set and all the Missing bits in them:

    ID Number


    Pkmn 1

    Pkmn 2

    Pkmn 3
    B1/B6 Chilan Berry      
    B2/B6 Nutpea Berry      
    B3/B6 Pumkin Berry      
    B4/B6 Drash Berry      
    B5/B6 Eggant Berry      
    B6/B6 Strib Berry      
    01/48 Cool Trainer Devin Heracross Salamence Metagross
    02/48 Ninja Boy Goro Electrode Ninjask Crobat
    03/48 Tuba Sonya Claydol Chimecho Weezing
    04/48 Gentleman Antonio Donphan Skarmory Houndoom
    05/48 Pokéfan Alana Torkoal Dusclops Corsola
    06/48 Picnicker Renee Castform Castform Castform
    07/48 Lady Sophie Delcatty Luvdisc Kirlia
    08/48 Beauty Fay Altaria Starmie Regice
    09/48 Psychic Natasha Starmie Salamence Sceptile
    10/48 Camper Patrick Xatu Ludicolo Flygon
    11/48 Sailor Oscar Electrode Dodrio Gengar
    12/48 Pokémaniac Tyler Walrein Pinsir Rhydon
    13/48 Youngster Rudy Cascoon Silcoon Magikarp
    14/48 Beauty Ellie Castform Koffing Chimecho
    15/48 Pkmn Breeder Candice Magikarp Mudkip Duskull
    16/48 Cool Trainer Belford Dusclops Crobat Registeel
    17/48 Pkmn Ranger Clayton Flygon Rhydon Swampert
    18/48 Triathlete Dustin Dodrio Manectric Linoone
    19/48 Hiker Hugo Walrein Hariyama Grumpig
    20/48 Youngster Jeffery Pinsir Ninetales Blastoise
    21/48 Ruin Maniac Logan Wailord Armaldo Relicanth
    22/48 Pokéfan Maggie Wynaut Whismur Pikachu
    23/48 Pkmn Breeder Wilson Gloom Wurmple Clamperl
    24/48 Ruin Maniac Zuril Flygon Whiscash Regirock
    25/48 School Kid Mandy Altaria Breloom Slaking
    26/48 Parasol Lady Sofia Kingdra Ludicolo Manectric
    27/48 Lady Hillary Xatu Wobbuffet Houndoom
    28/48 Guitarist Dominic Skarmory Wailord Exploud
    29/48 Fisherman Bryce Lanturn Sharpedo Whiscash
    30/48 Bug Maniac Irvin Beautifly Dustox Masquerain
    31/48 Battle Girl Natalie Magikarp Lairon Shelgon
    32/48 Expert Sandia Claydol Metagross Regice
    33/48 Expert Marcus Skarmory Heracross Swampert
    34/48 Cool Trainer Raquel Crawdaunt Electrode Blaziken
    35/48 Blackbelt Tsutomu Zangoose Seviper Machamp
    36/48 Pokéfan Justine Pikachu Golem Gengar
    37/48 Pkmn Ranger Heather Machamp Tentacruel Sceptile
    38/48 Psychic Judith Alakazam Kecleon Linoone
    39/48 Collector Stuart Aggron Wailord Metagross
    40/48 Pkmn Ranger Irazu Kingdra Hariyama Registeel
    41/48 Picnicker Sandy Heracross Girafarig Skarmory
    42/48 Swimmer Annie Machamp Magneton Blastoise
    43/48 Hex Maniac Celina Dusclops Sableye Shedinja
    44/48 Aroma Lady April Weezing Bellossom Tropius
    45/48 Guitarist Hayden Electrode Solrock Shiftry
    46/48 Psychic Griffin Banette Absol Dusclops
    47/48 Pokéfan Kendall Plusle Minun Snorunt
    48/48 Cool Traine Fuego Glalie Skarmory Regirock

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