The Battle E Cards...a brilliant addition to the Pokémon Franchise. These add an entire continual playability to Pokémon with thousands of Pokémon and Attack combinations aswell as brand new is how to activate:

  • After getting 5 Badges go to the man next to the PC in the Petalburg Gym
  • When He asks you for your Trainer Statement Say: "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". This will activate Mystery Event in the Starting Menu

    There are 54 Cards in this set, 9 cards in a pack, 6 packs in total. In each pack there are 8 Trainers and 1 Berry, the Berry is a berry never seen before, replacing #43 Enigma Berry in stature and whenever you scan a new berry it is replaced, we do not know yet. Here is a list of all the cards in the Pro,o Set and all the Missing bits in them:

    ID Number


    Pkmn 1

    Pkmn 2

    Pkmn 3
    Ruby Gentleman Nils Sableye Plusle Ludicolo
    Sapphire Lady Astrid Mawile Minun Shiftry
    001/P Dragon Tamer Craig Altaria Kingdra Shiny Salamence
    002/P Ninja Boy Yasuo Nosepass Wobbuffet Weezing
    003/P Pokéfan Darlene Luvdisc Skitty Pikachu
    004/P Cool Trainer Mattego Sceptile Blaziken Swampert

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