#633 Deino
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Leo's Deino
Gender Nickname Ability
Male N/A Hustle
Attacks Bite
PokeManiac Leo, one of the 8 finalists at the Unova Pokemon League, owns this Deino which he used to battle with.
# Chapter Notes
514 VS Deino
517 VS Beheeyem
520 Zekrom VS Reshiram I
521 Zekrom VS Reshiram II
525 VS Scolipede
531 VS Frillish
535 VS Muk
541 VS Volcarona Flashback

  Team Plasma's Deino
Gender Nickname Ability
N/A N/A Hustle
Attacks N/A
A male Grunt used this Deino to ambush Hugh and his sister on Unova Route 19.
# Chapter Notes
531 VS Frillish Flashback

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