Wednesday: Pokémon XYORAS - Genesect Second Chance + Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode Title

01-02-2017 06:42 GMT / 01:42 EST by Serebii

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Edit @ 06:58: Second Chance Genesect

Pokémon XYORAS - Arceus Event

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Pokémon XYORAS - Genesect Event

For those of you in Europe, Australia & North America, a second chance event for Genesect has gone live in both North America and Europe on XY & ORAS. In North America, this is through the code GENESECT20 and in Europe it's through the code GENESECT2016 and these codes can be redeemed until February 28th 2017. It won't work if you obtained Genesect during the events held around the world late last year.

Pokémon XY

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode Titles

A TV guide in Japan has revealed the next new episode title from Pokémon Sun & Moon. This episode is set to air on February 23rd, following a break on February 16th. The episode features Ash returning to Kukui's to discover that Rockruff has been injured
Episode 958: Scratchmark Hill, Rockruff and Lycanroc!!

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